Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing... my menagerie!

So I think it's time I share my animals with you. I have lots. I want more. Like chickens. And goats. There's something in me that gets great joy out of caring for animals, even if they sometimes drive me nuts with the messes they make.

For example, fish.

These live in M1's room, usually happy until the boy decides they need to be played with, which, in the typical language of a 6-yo boy, means that you physically stick your hand INTO the tank and play with them. Or, better yet, dumping half a jar of live bacteria into the tank. Do you know what happens when a boy does that? Let's just say I lugged a lot of buckets that day.

We also have a dog. Or a barking cat, whichever you prefer. This is Gizmo, and he's a most fascinating little animal. He thinks he's larger than life when, in fact, he's smaller than one of my cats.

Specifically, this one. This is Kuro. It means 'black' in Japanese, as M2 will happily inform you, and he's a lot of black. Twenty pounds of black. And he likes to jump on people. With claws out. Did I mention all my cats have their claws? He has claws. And he likes to jump on people, usually from an elevated position like the top of the couch. He doesn't mean to do it, but he's too big to get momentum to launch himself any further. He's also addicted to purses (Coach is by far his favorite) and shoes (I make a joke that if I win the lottery, I'll buy him a pair of Manolos, but for right now, he'll have to make do with hiding my bargain flip-flops... usually by sitting on them).

This is my old man, otherwise known as Pepe. He's about 16 years old, and his hobby involves pulling out his own fur. It's got nothing to do with anything medical; it's just habit. Plus, he's not hurting for fur. Kuro occasionally likes to pick on Pepe since Kuro is twice Pepe's weight, but Pepe's no slouch. See how he's 'missing' one ear? Not really missing. He just got into a scrap as an itty-bitty kitty and his ear is bent over as a result. Don't mess with Bruiser ;) Really, though, he loves nothing more than to be schnuggled up on a lap, kneading. With claws.

This window-sitter is Dorian Gray, aka Anxiety Cat. While the other cats are pretty social, he's the one who likes to hide if there is a large group of people invading his space. He's a licker. Why do the cats with the roughest tongues like to lick the most? Riddle me that, folks. Dorian is also known for eating wallpaper.

Finally, meet Tempest. She's the girlcat, and she's the matriarch. Nobody messes with Tempest. If I want to get a new kitty, it has to pass the Tempest Inspection first. If she doesn't approve, she'll corner the cat and not let it out for hours... and hours... and hours. She's pretty tolerant, so I trust her judgement. She loves M1's bed, if that says anything about her tolerance. Then again, maybe his hands just smell of fish water.

What's this?

Ahhhh yes... the newest member of the menagerie.

Tempest, meet Prince Gerbil.

Somehow, I think she approves...

Dorian approves, too.
I think Prince is here to stay. :)

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