Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random stuff

Not a specific post today. More of just a general random blogging of stuff that might or might not be important but will be blogged anyway.

#1: Don't go to the Porter Peach Festival. I did, and I learned. It could have been fun if they had a plan for parking (they didn't... which made it very interesting trying to work out where to park and then how to get out in one piece) or if there were more peach-related items at the actual peach festival (lots of craft stalls, but not much in the way of actual peach paraphernalia) or if I was able to go for the entire day and see the parade - at 11 a.m. - and then find enough to do to kill time in between that and the street games - at 4 p.m. - but... nope. Not for me. Or the kids. At least it wasn't blazing hot.

I also made it over to Livesay Orchards on the day of the festival. I was disappointed there, too. I was hoping to get out and actually PICK the peaches myself but apparently, on festival day, due to the crowds, they don't do that. You line up, wait, get into the 'store' barn, grab what you want, line up to pay, and get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as possible. It really wasn't worth it. I'll probably be back to the orchard next year... but not on festival week!


I have peaches. Some of them will be made into preserves, and some of them will be canned for eating. And then, of course, there will be pie.

#2: I want you to say adieu to the squash. This is the last one. My last squash of the year.

That's why. The plant has been having some problems. First, it just got too big for its britches. During the last storm we had, with all the wind, some of the plant collapsed. Then there are the squash bugs. They also have invaded, as evidenced by some of the brownish leaves. Between the plant collapse and the bugs (and the fact that I really am tired of eating squash, since you can't can it or freeze it), I'm ready for the squash plant to be gone. The question now becomes, do I plant something else in its place? And if so, what?

Overall, however, the garden is doing quite well! The tomato plants are putting off a dozen or so tomatoes per day - I have six plants - and so I'll be canning tomatoes this week, after doing the salsa last week. I probably have 30 pounds of tomatoes in my fridge. I almost wish I was kidding. It's difficult to open the crisper drawers right now. There's even tomato overflow on the shelves outside the crisper. Clearly, something needs to be done.

The pumpkin plant is doing quite well, too. Just a few more months till Halloween!

Outside of the veggie/fruit garden bit, here are some of the other plants that are still blooming all over...

The marigolds are still alive!
The hibiscus is gorgeous...

I hate crepe myrtles. The kids, however, get so excited when they blossom.

#3: Something that happens every year around here is 'brushhog the pasture day.' I never know when it will be, because the people who rent our land to board their horses organize it through a personal friend of theirs and just use the rent money to pay him. They get a better deal than we ever could, so it works quite well. This is M2 riding around behind one of our renters. He's a retired school principal and always likes mowing. He's on our mower, and he mows the front part of the pasture while...

... his buddy, on the brushhog, piles up wood and mows the back.
The lawn always looks so nice when it's done, and just think... they mowed down the ragweed and gave us a path to the blackberries!
Many, many more canning possibilities this week... tomatoes to start; peaches to follow; berries after that! And I haven't forgotten my promise about the gumbo... there's still plenty of okra coming in. I'll get there!

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