Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The homeschool transformation

Homeschooling is definitely a lifechanging decision. I knew it would take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a LOT of patience (the hardest part for me). The amount of space, however, was one I had apparently grossly underestimated.

This photo was taken back in February when I first got this little bookshelf. I was excited about it. I knew it wouldn't be a permanent solution for all of my homeschooling materials, but I figured it would work for a couple of years at any rate.

That was then.

This is now. The top shelf is all curricula and other reference/nonfiction books. Some of them are M2's BOB books and things for her, but most of it is for M1. The bottom shelf contains the binders that I'll be using to save some of M1's work during the year as well as some more nonfiction resources/reference works, a three-hole punch, and some puzzles that I don't have another home for right now. The top of the bookshelf is home to folders, planners, a timer, the current box of BOB books that M2 is reading, and a box of 3x5 cards that can be used for whatever purpose we need. And a picture of my babies. :)
Here's the art cabinet, also the home of MY supplies for grading and rewarding. I have a whole separate cabinet filled with Play-Doh, and a shelf above this one is strictly for construction paper, spare writing paper, coloring books, random art supplies like pipe cleaners and rhinestone stickers and puffballs and more. There's also a separate cabinet for science supplies (and more rewards) that M1 is not able to access. For heaven's sake, I bought a bag of dry 15-bean soup mix today just for science. One of our first science lessons is going to cover classification of animals, and I figured classifying beans would make a great activity. I'm rather obsessed. *embarrassed grin*

As I write this, I'm realizing I need to make a list of all this stuff so that if we use it up and need more during the course of the year, I can make a note of how much we went through so I can get more when the back-to-school sales hit next summer.

I sat down last night and finally worked out an exact plan for the first week of school. It takes effort! I have a lot of respect for teachers who have 30 kids to deal with. I've only got one!

The calendar is M2's school calendar. The Word document on the right is a sketchy weekly outline that I drafted to be able to cover all the material - in an ideal world - during a typical school year. I know it'll get revised as I go along, and I'm okay with that. The notepad pages cover a basic outline of the classical Well-Trained Mind process of education, which I plan to follow as much as is practical and useful. The planbook in the back is where I will record what actually happens during the course of our daily work, and... finally... the notebook front and center are the plans that I'm making one week at a time.

I'm sure this process will be revised as I go along, simplifying, memorizing, and streamlining, but for now, this is all stuff I'll be using.

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Habebi said...

I like how the folders are still styled in that 'fan' like set up that Michael did.