Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bathroom remodel - Day 1

My bathroom has been needing a good remodel for a LONG, LONG time. It was hideous. The wallpaper was crooked, the light in the ceiling hasn't worked for years, the tub and toilet were cast-iron and 1970s harvest gold. Yeah... it was bad. I tried peeling off the wallpaper at one point, thinking I could just repaint the walls, but apparently there was wainscoting or something under there at some point or other - I really have no idea - and the wallboard was in awful shape, too.

Now, Oz and I have done remodeling ourselves here a few times. We ripped out carpet in our dining room and sanded/refinished the hardwood floors, painted the walls, scraped the ceiling, added new trim, and it looks good! But we couldn't do that in the bathroom. When you only have one toilet, one shower, one tub, it can't be a job that drags on forever and ever.

So, finally, we bit the bullet and decided to hire a contractor. He started today, but Oz and I started last night, about midnight, when we emptied out the entire bathroom and scraped the popcorn off the ceiling. The bathroom is absolutely miniscule, so we need all the illusions of size we can get.

Did I mention that Oz is very tall? He's not using a ladder here at all.

Anyway... so the contractor got started today. Here are a few before and after photos from Day 1.

Really digging the fact that there's no insulation on that outside, west-facing wall...

We're keeping the toilet functional for as long as possible and then just putting in the new one.

We're going to put that medicine cabinet back in once we get some biscuit-colored Rustoleum on it.
Now... another thing you have to understand about my house is that it was built in 1965. It has had two owners. The people we bought it from were sweet, wonderful people, but the guy fancied himself a handyman. Oz and I don't find that to be the case. His name was Bob... and in the course of remodeling our house, we have run across case after case where Bob jury-rigged something to work at the time, but sometimes it's just absolutely fascinating to see what he's come up with. And sometimes it's downright scary.

We had to explain the idea of a Bobjob to the contractor today when he discovered that the tile around our shower stall had been hung with liquid nails.

Then... and I don't know whether to attribute this to Bob or not... we found THIS in the wall boosting up a recessed toilet paper holder.

I don't know if you can read it, but the date on this image is February 25, 1951.

My parents were not alive.

This house wasn't even built, since it wasn't built until 1965.

I can only imagine what we're going to find tomorrow. The electrician is supposed to come out and install a new fan/light/heater combo, and more demolition will take place.

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