Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bribery - it's a way of life

So here's the kitty update. One way or the other, we have a home for all of them! My mother-in-law is also going to take one. She said she wanted a male with white paws; as far as I can tell right now, we have only one that fits that description, so that's who she gets. She's going to name him Chance, because it was Chance that caused me to hear the kitten cries from underneath my house and be able to get them all out safely. I'm taking them all to the vet tomorrow to make sure they're healthy, which I believe they are other than maybe a little bit of eye gunk, and then they'll be ready for new homes.

Two of them might go with my friend M. She just needs to make sure that her daughter's not actually allergic to kitties before she keeps them. If she doesn't wind up keeping them, another friend's father will take them for well-kept barn cats - he feeds them and closes them in the barn at night, but they will be barn cats. Given the alternative these babies had of turning feral... I'll let them be barn cats!

The hardest part is going to be deciding which one we keep. My kids begged, cried, and otherwise worked hard on Daddy until he agreed to let us keep one. But just one. And only one. And man, it's hard to pick!! All four of them (well, three since I've promised my MIL one) have absolutely great attributes and reasons to keep them.

The girl is just as snuggly as anything you've ever met. She's the kind that loves to stick her nose in your nose, sit on your chest, and have a nap attack instantly.

(This is M2 snuggling with Chance.)

Even Oz is smitten. He really loves the most fluffy cat who is, admittedly, the most adorable, but Oz has a hard time getting past the fluff. The fact that we walk on Pepe's fur wads on a daily basis makes this understandable.

Then there's the all-black spitfire/climber. He's a busy little beaver, and he's M1's favorite. He's got shorter fur than the rest of them, though he still has at least a little bit of an undercoat. M1 has named him Set, after the Egyptian god that we started studying today, and would just love love LOVE to keep him.

Mommy's going to take some bribery. That girl and the fluffernutter have me smitten.

The vanity and countertop got tentatively placed today. There are going to have to be a few minor changes to the bathroom to get this set in, but it'll get done tomorrow. This counter is larger than our old one, but apparently it's almost impossible to get a smaller one these days. And it does look nice. The only down side is that we're unable to center it underneath the medicine cabinet at this point. Not ideal, but it'll still look better than it used to!

Here's a rough overview of the bathroom at the moment. Most of it is done; the contractor thinks he'll have just about everything done by the end of tomorrow! Floor trim, door trim, recessed toilet paper holder, the cabinet over the toilet, finish up the vanity/countertop, hang the shower rod, and voila! OK, not voila, but close. It'll be so, so close! I can't wait to get the shower curtain, bath mat, and other stuff in...

... and to be able to take a shower!!! This is actually functional at this point; we're just waiting on the grout to be sealed.

*sigh of happiness* It'll be so nice to have it done, and even nicer to be able to invite people over and not be ashamed of the bathroom!

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Habebi said...

Yay for kitties and nice bathrooms! Can't figure out which one I'm more excited to see!