Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a little remodeling update :)

I am really having a lot of fun documenting this remodeling job. Take a couple of photos - snap, snap - upload, and yay! It'll be fun... and I say this with great love... or sarcasm... to look back and remember how loooong it took to remodel this room.

However, it's going to look wooooonderful. I'm very much liking the work that is getting done.

Yesterday we got the bathroom mudded and a new window installed - one without cracks and that doesn't make noise when it opens! Woohoo! It had to be custom-ordered because the size of the old one. While it's weird to have a bathroom without any sort of dressing over it (yet), it is nice to have a window that looks good.

More mud work that got finished before heading home yesterday.
Yesterday was Friday.
Then he came back today and did more! We got a second coat of mud added to the walls; all that should need to be done now is sanding before we will be able to paint it. Also - and this is just too neat - we got the ceiling smooth-coated "because it'll look better." No extra charge, either.

Here's the rest of the work got done today. This is the tub/shower stall. It's not totally completed because some of that accessory tile that we had purchased was off-center and therefore not up to standard. We also got the tile laid up higher than it used to, which will be nice for Oz since he's so tall. We'll be able to put the shower rail up nice and high if we need to.

It'll be good when it gets done. The waiting just sucks. I've never been good at waiting!


Habebi said...

YAY!! So far so good. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Dandy said...

Love the tile work!