Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Day of School and other stuff

Today was our first day of school for both M2 at private preschool (where I have graciously volunteered to be the homeroom mom, which means I'm probably crazy... but I knew that anyway... and I figured since it's my third year up at that particular preschool, I'm due) and M1 at homeschool. M2 actually has the advantage this year in that she knows the teachers, the setup, what she's supposed to do at what time of day, and some of her friends. M1 and I are going to puzzle this out one day at a time.

M2 was very excited about going to school, which is why this photo is a little blurry, because she wouldn't quit bouncing in her seat.

This was taken after M1 and I got back home, obviously. He picked math as his first topic. Place values were on the agenda for today. He is easily able to go from manipulative to number but has a harder time going the other way. I figure in another day or so we'll get it down pat and will be able to move on.

He loved being at home. I thought he was bored, but he told me he liked it better than kindergarten because, "I don't have to wait on anyone!"

I suppose he has a valid point.

He also enjoyed getting to harvest the green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and one very significant foot-long piece of okra that he found hidden among the bell pepper plants. I hope I remember to get a photo of him holding it tomorrow. Still haven't made it out to the blackberry bushes. Stupid colt. They're probably done by now, especially in this loverly 100+ degree heat.

These are the bathroom update pictures from Day 2. This project is definitely going to take longer than we or the contractor thought, but the holdups are just... THERE. There's no getting around the fact that we have an itty-bitty bathroom where a contractor and an electrician really can't work in the same space at the same time, ya know? But we do have a - functioning - light in the ceiling in there now as well as a heater and a fan which still needs to be exhausted through the roof. I'm happy. New insulation is in on the outside wall which changes the acoustics of that room dramatically, and the drywall is off everywhere else. That's his project for tomorrow.

Have a happy evening!

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