Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK, so I like powwows...

Well, it's been a few days. Time for a quick update, and then I'll get on with it.

This isn't anything gross, I promise. It's actually M1's latest history project - making scented oil. We started with olive oil and added cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. He's been shaking it a few times a day for about three days now, and if you open the jar, it smells good! I'll strain it out tomorrow. Not sure where we'll go from there, but maybe apples will be involved lol. Apparently scented oils like this (though I'm sure the spices were different) were used in mummification and even as perfume in ancient Egypt. Fun times.

This is today's take from the garden. As you can probably see, the okra is still doing very, very well. The plants are actually taller than I am... and still growing! The green beans had slowed down during the heat but are bouncing back with new flowers now. The bell peppers are also doing well, and the tomatoes have had some bug damage but are still slowly producing.

I need to get in there and chop the basil back again, but I haven't been able to find pine nuts in bulk to make enough pesto to freeze for over-winter use. That's my next preserving project, though. This last week I blanched and froze two pounds of green beans. Yum!

Moving on... today, the kids and their friends J and F (and their mom, M) and I went to a powwow hosted by theIntertribal Indian Club of Tulsa. We got there just in time for the Grand Entry. It was beautiful. It was led by a dancer carrying an eagle staff.

He was followed by all the competing dancers of all ages.

The kids were actually fascinated and kept asking questions through the whole thing, although if you asked the boys later, they'd tell you it was "boring." M2, on the other hand, had a whole slew of questions of her own, like, "Mom, do Native Americans have birthdays?" She is absolutely fascinated by the idea of Native American culture (bearing in mind that around here, they still call themselves Indians). She wants to be Indian with all her 4-year-old soul. I keep looking!

Moving on...

this man followed the one carrying the eagle staff.

There was also a "tiny tots" category, and I have never seen cuter kids in all my life. The boys, especially, got into it. There were a few of them who are definitely champions in the making!

Mostly, I loved these moccasins. How neat are they?? Looking at the costumes, I have to wonder if there is a requirement as to how much of the costume has to be handmade. There was a lot of improvisation going on with some of them - I saw CDs with beads glued on and wooden thread spools used to hold feathers up on the headdresses. It was really neat to see how they were all put together, and you'd never have guessed from looking at the whole outfit at once. They were all gorgeous.

One of my favorites.

I'm hoping to find another one or two to attend during the fall. M2 got herself a small bracelet and M1 found himself a dreamcatcher (he's a bit of a mystic lover). It was a good day!

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