Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The trifecta - a long post about a crazy day

Today was a crazy, weird sort of day. After all the drama of yesterday (none mine, but exposure = fatigue), I had been hoping for a nice, relaxed sort of day.

HA! I should know better. It wasn't a bad day, just crazy and weird.

It started out very pleasantly. M1 and I got done very quickly with most of his schoolwork, and his science 'assignment' was to start a science journal today. Without a working loo, he and I headed to a nearby park where I knew they let some of the grass grow a little crazy... and I let the boy go nuts.

He had a lot of fun. At one point, another nature-lover pointed out a bald eagle soaring over the nearby river, and he spent quite a bit of time watching it. Did he put it in the journal? Nope, but that's okay. He still had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Once the contractor left today, I got to see my new floor... and new toilet... and if you look carefully on the right, you can see the new door hardware that we've added. I really, really like the floor. That was actually one of my biggest worries - that the floor would go in, and it wouldn't look good with everything else we'd purchased. I shouldn't have worried. It's great!

So... then... at about 3:45 this afternoon... I heard a mewing.

Not a loud mewing.

Just... mewing.

Kitten mewing.
And it was coming from under my house.

So, being me (and not really wanting things to die underneath the house and really not wanting to hear Oz whine about having to rescue cats), I went and took a peek.

And these are what I pulled out.

They're probably 5-6 weeks old. They are active, cute, flea-free(!), and clearly - especially this last one - love food. They're kittypiled in the dog cage tonight.
And now you're updated on my weird, crazy day.


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Habebi said...

Cuhrazy. Bathroom is looking great though and OMG those kittens are adorable!!