Thursday, August 6, 2009

Impromptu fun/bathroom update

Today was another attempt at homeschool. I hesitate to call it actual success yet; we'll see where we are in a month or so before I go there. It's hard to evaluate something when you've only been at it for two days!

Anyway, so today, as part of his handwriting practice, I gave him 'free writing' time. I'm going to save his stories, letters, postcards, anything he writes in this time and be - hopefully - able to see how his handwriting improves over time. Practice will be good for him, no doubt.

He, however, decided that to properly do free writing, he needed to brainstorm. And to brainstorm, he needed a brainstorming cap.

So, with a little ingenuity, construction paper, scissors, and glue, he made himself one - a little hat thing with a white cloud and yellow lightning that was so big it covered his face (which is why he's making eye holes in this photo). It was really cute.

For science today, we talked about animal classification - basically the point was to understand that critters are classified by characteristics. To illustrate the point, I found a bag of 15-bean soup mix in the grocery store the other week, and he and I created this key. It's not perfect, of course, since he and I were both winging it, but it did get the point home, especially since he's going to work on memorizing the list of classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Very handy.


And now for something completely different... day 3 of the bathroom remodel. We have walls!

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