Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new look

This weekend, we made some changes around here, and MAN, do I feel old!

The first thing we did was go get M1 some new fall clothes. He'll need plenty more, but it's a small start.

He's decided he likes baggy pants, Airwalk shoes, and ... basically ... the skater look. He has no idea that it's even called the skater look, but he likes it. I usually let his hair grow over the winter, so this was likely his last haircut other than a trim till spring. It's going to be interesting to watch how this look changes. Mostly I'm just amused that my not-even-7-year-old boy is interested in fashion! So this is his new look.

M2 got her hair cut, too - very drastic change for her! She's excited, though. It was her idea. She had informed me that she was tired of me brushing out tangles and that she wanted short hair, so in we went. She marched up to the chair, sat down, gathered her hair up, informed my stylist, "I want it THIS short," and sat perfectly still for the whole thing. When the stylist asked me if I wanted to keep her bangs sideswept or cut straight across the front, I went to answer and was interrupted by a small voice in the chair.

"Across the front."

Right. You don't argue with that voice. And it did turn out cute. This is her new look.

And between the clothes, the hair, the massive quantities of food that my children consume on a daily basis, this is my husband's new look. Though, actually, this specific look was caused by me insisting that we needed a bench for our utility room that includes storage for the growing pile of shoes that seems to be breeding and otherwise multiplying out there. I can't stand the look of all those shoes sprawling all over the floor.

I suppose we all like certain looks, don't we?

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