Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a daily update :)

If you look over in the left-hand column of this blog, you'll see a list of the curricula that I'm using this year. In that list is a book for history called "Story of the World." You can also purchase an activity guide to go with it. I'm in love with that guide. It contains ideas for supplemental reading, crafts, maps, coloring pages, games, recipes, etc., etc., etc. *I* think the book is just about the bomb-diggity.

Today, for history, we reviewed Chapter 1, which covered nomads and early farmers, and made a craft - a cave painting! M1 had checked a book out of the library about prehistoric rock art, so he considered himself well-versed in this process, especially the colors used. He loved that a lot of them painted bison in their creations, so that's what he did.

There's his bison, complete with a hunter (the shape up at the top) wielding a bow and arrow to hunt his prey. Note the use of browns and blacks and brown mixed with orange because "that's what they had back then, Mom."

I'm so glad he's enjoying learning at home. Tomorrow is science journal day - his first one - so I can't wait to see what he discovers! I won't be able to do it at home like I had planned since we'll be toilet-less for most of the day, but that's all right... maybe we'll head down to Riverside or out to a park and see what's to be seen!

Time for the bathroom update! The rest of the tub tile got put in today - grout to be done tomorrow, I imagine - as well as the subfloor laid and trim put in around the window. The floor tile is supposed to be laid tomorrow (which is why we'll be toilet-less), so that'll be the true test of what the room is going to look like. Fingers crossed... though, as Oz and other people have told me, it can't look any worse than it used to!

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