Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photojournalism through the eyes of a 6-year-old

As part of our science study this year, we're doing the most important thing - getting outside and STUDYING SCIENCE!

Each week, M1 does a bit of science journaling. Usually it involves taking colored pencils outside and drawing a bit of what he observes and telling me about it when he comes back in. Sometimes I write down his observations, sometimes not. This week, I had a new idea - I gave him the digital camera, set it to shoot macros, showed him how to shoot really close, and let him loose in the back yard.

He had a lot of fun.

I did ask him to specifically try to find some arthropods, since that's what we're studying this week. He found:

A cicada shell

A grasshopper on a green bean plant

A red ant on an okra leaf (eating hummingbird nectar that had dripped out of the feeder)

Then he got adventurous and started taking photos of other stuff:

The crape myrtle that he loves to climb

Sunshine! He adores this photo...

And one of our bell peppers.

I think the photo journal might be a regular occurrence on the blog. It's just too much fun for both of us!

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bro said...

He did a great job!