Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Divas (and their brothers)

Ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you: My Daughter is a Diva.

Sure, most little girls are divas, but mine... well, even my friend whose daughter practically lives in "princess dresses" has admitted that my girl is pretty special. (This is why they're really really good friends.)

My daughter has been planning her birthday party since early December.

Her birthday is in March.

She loves dresses, which are things I despised as an older child and still wear about once a decade today; baby dolls, which I hardly ever played with as a kid; arts and crafts in all forms, jewelry being a favorite, where I think slap bracelets were about as far as I ever got; and purdying herself up for no good reason, which... oh, let's be honest, it better be a darn good reason for me to put makeup on, and going to the store or meeting up with friends just doesn't cut the mustard. I think I wore make-up in high school for about three months total because I was just too darn lazy to put the work into it.

I was a tomboy, and now I'm raising a Diva.

I got my hair done a couple of weeks ago, and my stylist put me in curls since I mentioned that Oz doesn't care for it when I come home with straight hair. He loved it, but Miss Diva loved it even more and instantly demanded that I do the same thing to her hair.

For some reason, I obliged. And then I took a picture of her in front of her girly bed with her girly pillow that another friend had made especially for her because she has twin boys and just sometimes needs a girl to dote on.

I'll happily loan out M2 for that purpose at any time. She loves to be spoiled, and I get tired of doing it.

Heaven help me when she reaches "that" age.

Then yesterday, she pulled this little number. I had been checking out some photos that I'll be posting this weekend, so I snapped this shot.

And when she saw the flash, the Diva came out.

"Do you love the camera, darling?"

"Yes! Can I see my picture?"

*bangs head repeatedly into wall after a futile effort to make the divachild believe the world does NOT, in fact, revolve around her*

Thankfully, she has a big brother who is very effective in bringing his sister back to reality, at least for a little while.
While I know it's probably technically bad to encourage him mocking her, this was just too funny.

I don't think he could stick his hip out if he tried, but he was bound and determined that his baby sister was not the only one who could be in pictures.

I actually had to crop her out of both of these pictures of him, because she was incredibly jealous of his time in front of the lens.
So she stuck her head in front of him. You can't see it, but I think her hip is stuck out so far, it's actually in the next room. Attitude much?

Gah... sisters.


One thing is for sure, lack of confidence is not an issue in this house!


Jana said...

Oh! Diva's. I am a tomboy too, I have a tomboy older daughter. We love to work on the car and truck, actually getting all dirty and greasy. It is our favorite passtime!

Now I have a little Diva too, I am not sure what to do with her. Your blog might help me out. hehehe

Beth said...


Ritsumei said...

This is HILARIOUS!! I'm pregnant... we're betting girl. It sounds like you and I share a fair amount in the "can't be bothered with girly stuff" department. Mine is compounded by the fact that my husband also doesn't care for all that junk. Watch us get a little princess.