Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weather woes

I am going to rant now. I'm sorry that you're going to be subjected to this, but I just need to rant.

I'm tired of winter. I'm not a fan of winter to begin with, but even more, I dislike winter weather.

We've already gone through enough winter weather this season to last us for several years, but apparently we're not done yet. No-siree... time for Round 2. *ding ding ding* Where's the cute girl with the card and the announcer commentating the entire event??

Already yesterday, while the storm was still churning way out west in the Pacific Ocean (yes, I said the Pacific Ocean... did I mention I live smack-dab in the middle of the United States?), the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch.

Today, they revised it. I'm going to share the relevant parts... the "fun" parts... the parts that make me want to scream and run around in circles till they lock me up and ship me someplace chronically warm.

"Hazardous Weather...
• Rain Will Transition To Freezing Rain...Sleet And Eventually
Snow Beginning Thursday Morning And Continuing Through Friday
Morning. The Heaviest Precipitation Is Expected Late Thursday
Through Early Friday.

• 6 To 10 Inches Of Snow And Sleet Accumulation Are Expected To
The Northwest Of Interstate 44 With Isolated Amounts Near 12
Inches Possible In Northern Osage County. Ice Accumulations Of
One Quarter To Three Quarters Of An Inch Are Possible South Of
The Heavy Sleet And Snow Area...With The Heaviest Ice
Accumulations Near A Line From Okemah To Fayetteville.

• Significant Ice Accumulation On Trees And Power Lines Is
Likely...Which Would Cause Power Outages That May Last For
Several Days.

• Roads...Bridges...And Overpasses Will Become Slick And
Hazardous In The Watch Area...Making Travel Treacherous.

"Precautionary/Preparedness Actions...
• Consider Changing Travel Plans. Make Sure You Have An Adequate
Supply Of Food...Water And The Necessary Medication To Last
Through The Duration Of The Winter Storm."

Because, clearly, we don't know any of this already, they feel the need to reiterate the fact that we will A) likely lose power, B) not be able to travel anywhere, and C) have to sit here and freeze and wait for power to be restored while trying to figure out how to cook food on a stove.

And me in a house with no fireplace.

Let's hope we don't lose water this time. The last time we had a major ice storm around here, our water district lost power to the pump. Thankfully we were staying at my dad's, so we weren't as affected as those who had to stay here.

Moving back to this year's impending doom...

I made the mistake of going to the grocery store today as well as Sam's Club. I *always* do my grocery shopping on Tuesdays. This was no different than usual for me. I knew the storm was coming, knew it was forecast to be bad, but I am not a panicker by nature. I am a planner. I plan. Planning for an ice storm in which we will likely lose power does not mean stocking up on excess food that will go bad.

I am, apparently, in the minority.

Sam's Club crowds were of Christmas proportions. At 11 a.m.-ish, they had eight or nine registers open and even had one of the people running around who pre-scans items so you can get through the lines faster. At noon at the grocery store, they had eight or nine registers open, no sackers, and the lines were 2-3 people deep. I kept wondering what on earth had caused this mass shop until someone mentioned stocking up on toilet paper, and then the light - *ping* - went on.

I like snow.

I dislike ice.

I dislike cold.

I'm going to go into hibernation next year so I can just skip all this mess. Anyone else? I'm happy to share a cave if it means extra body warmth. Just one rule - no spooning!

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Marla said...

We live in Canadian County and have had a pretty decent hammering of snow and ice so far. Not quite as bad as Christmas was however. I am ready for spring.