Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I May Have Said

I say things sometimes, things like "I will do X" or "Sure, let's do Y!" Sometimes, though, I don't always really mean it. So when I said I'd do a daily update with my South Beach Diet menu, I didn't really mean that. What I meant was I'd update A) When I have time, and B) When I feel enough time has passed that people might actually care, because really, I don't think you want a daily update of what I'm eating any more than I really want to see the list. I have been eating things like chef salads, lettuce wraps, and pot roast, so I'm surviving. More importantly, my family isn't feeling horribly deprived of food. I, on the other hand, can't see a Braum's commercial without drooling over the mere thought of a Brownie Fudge Sundae.

Please wait while I drool again.

There. I'm better now.

Thank you.

Seriously, though, I weighed myself Wednesday morning and was down 3.2 pounds from my start weight on Monday. This means I'm on the low side of a number that's been taunting me since before my son was born! I'd have done a happy dance in the kitchen at the time except that it was disgustingly dark-thirty early, I didn't have a bra on yet, and my blood sugar was low enough that the happy dance would have been enough to make me pass out. So I passed on the happy dance, woke the kids up, and ate breakfast instead. Oh, and got dressed, too.

In layers. You have to wear about three layers in Oklahoma right now to stay warm. Oz got curious the other day and actually compared the Oklahoma forecast to the forecast for McMurdo Station, Antarctica. While I realize that it is summer in Antarctica right now, the fact that our low is about 30 degrees colder than theirs will be tonight is somewhat significant, I think. The wind chill here is so cold they've been cancelling school rather than make kids stand outside and wait for buses since most people here just flat aren't equipped for winter the way they are any further north. There's still snow on the ground from Christmas Eve, by the way. Snowsuits are something my kids have never owned or even contemplated, so this snowy winter is totally new to them. People in Minnesota, Alaska, and other places where the word "cold" doesn't come into effect until the temperature hits somewhere around -20F are totally allowed to laugh at us right now. M2's school is still in session because her school doesn't have buses, much to M1's chagrin. He wants his sissy to stay home one day to watch him do school. I think she'd get bored after about five minutes and then he'd want to go play with her, but you can't argue logic with a 7-year-old, especially one who's been cooped up more or less since Christmas and hasn't had a chance to properly try out his new Heelys other than scooting around the dining room table and trying to run down the cats.

Speaking of cats, the two kittens got fixed on Wednesday. They enjoyed that about as much as I would enjoy having my head shaved. Hermes woke up utterly pissed and hissed at the vet tech almost continuously till I came and got him; he was fine once he saw me because he just wanted to be held. And eat. And eat some more. And then he kept trying to chew on his sister's neck all night. Vixen pretty much just didn't wake up until Thursday morning, which was really hilarious because she kept trying to walk, but her back legs just weren't up to it yet, so she'd take about two steps and her hind legs would just kind of... fall over... and then all of her would fall over... and then she'd look up at me and act completely surprised. And then five seconds later, she'd do it all over again. She wouldn't not follow me, either, so I wound up hauling her kitty rear around most of the evening, and now I'm contemplating making baby slings for just-spayed cats. It would have been nice to have had my hands free. Of course, that would require a skill with sewing and crafts, which I'm sooo not good at.

I'll try to get a post with actual pictures up here in the next few days. I've been working on the curriculum for M1's 2010/2011 school year, so that'll probably be the next post. If the cats or kids don't inspire me first. :)

Have a great WARM day!

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Marla said...

Great post and yeehaw on your dropped poundage. Way to go!