Sunday, September 25, 2011

With the Good Comes the Flies

I visited my sister over the weekend.  I don't want to get into everything, so I'll just hit the highlights:

1.  When standing in a Le Creuset outlet store and you see a total unitasker, do not accidentally refer to Alton Brown as Elton John, especially when the unitasker in question is a cherry pit remover.  The man standing next to you will look at you as if you're drunk and slink away.

2.  A pair of really nice men's shoes in the middle of a busy intersection will have everyone guessing for hours.

3.  I need a recipe for Ethiopian flat bread.  My sister and her husband took me and my mother (whose birthday is today... Happy Birthday, Mom!) to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner last night.  It was delicious, but the bread was the most bizarre thing ever.  It was like a delicious gray sponge, if gray sponges can be delicious when dipped in red lentils or wrapped around braised chicken legs.

4.  When eating Ethiopian food, don't wear white.  There are no utensils, unless you count the aforementioned bread.

5.  Polite dogs and sofa beds are an amusing mix.


About 1/3 of the way home this afternoon, I received a call from my husband.

"You're on your way home, right?"

"Yeeeessss..." (I had texted him when I climbed in the car to let him know this particular fact.)

"Ah. [slight pause] Good."


"You have my tools in the trunk of the car."

Without further details, I went into an intense panic and wondered what on earth M1 had managed to dismantle and how he had done it withOUT the tools that my husband now needed.  But Oz continued.

"I'm trying to install a new back screen door, and I need my tools to finish the job."

Panic over.  Intense love now set in.  See, we really, really want to move to a new house in the next year or two.  Four people in a three-bedroom, ONE-BATHROOM home is not working for us.  Carpet doesn't work for M1.  There's no fireplace for me to cozy up to in winter.  There's no office for Oz.  There's no homeschool space for M1 and I - in December, we have to put the school desks in the hall to make room for the Christmas tree in our living room.  M2 just wants to move.  In other words, this house doesn't fit us any more.  So the other day I went through and made a three-page list (front only) of all the stuff that needs to be fixed before we can list the house and consider moving.  Replacing the back screen door was item #1, because the glass was cracked.  Oz took the initiative and replaced it.

In the process of doing so, approximately 300 flies came into my home.  This made me feel extremely disgusted with my ability to clean a house, because clearly it reeks of DEATH to attract that many flies in such a short time span. (I may be exaggerating about the number of flies.  There may only be 150.  Or 80.  Or 40.  But still, EW.)  I now have flypaper hung around the house to see what I can do about this problem.  But I have a new back screen door!  Woot woot!

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Anonymous said...

We get the flies too every fall. They're called "cluster flies" and they winter in houses. They don't lay eggs in the house or the garbage and don't carry any diseases, don't worry. The infestation lasts about three days for us, then it's gone. An exterminator told us to contact them in August next year and they will spray the outside of the house, particularly around the eves and vents, to repel the flies trying to come in in September.

--Addlepated Monkey Mama