Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reverb Days... Whatever

Since I've skipped about a week, I'm only going to pick a couple here today:

1.  What was your best "nature" moment this year?
This is my blog, so my definitions apply, and I'm going to assume that this 'nature' definition doesn't involve The Great Outdoors.  I've had some major discoveries about the natures of both children this year.  My first big discovery was that M2 isn't anything like M1.  In a way I knew this, but in another way, I didn't.  I've always known that M1 would work in a field of science someday.  There's not a single shred of doubt in my mind that one day he'll work in research (or R&D) somewhere and love, love, love his job.  M2?  I don't know.  She doesn't know.  And because her nature isn't like M1's, she's okay with that.  And I have to accept that she'll work it out on her own someday.  Because she will.

My other favorite 'nature' moment was discovering that M1 has a quiet streak.  You'd think I would have known this, but I didn't.  When he's not medicated, he can't NOT talk.  His mouth is flapping 24/7.  And there are days when it still does, even on meds, but the meds give him the ability to shut up once in a while.  I find this lovely.

2.  Did you discover that someone in your family has a talent that had previously gone unnoticed?
M2 definitely has a talent for making people feel better.  I don't think I should discount this talent at all, just as I don't discount M1's talent for riling up a room full of kids just by walking into it.  People feel better after talking to M2.  She can even take adults under her wing and comfort them.  I have to be careful about when and where she uses this talent, though, because she tends to internalize a lot of the pain and cry about it later.

3.  Did you retire any favorite curricula, books or toys this year?
Ahh... yes.  Yes, we did.  M1 got rid of the last of his plastic bugs and Hot Wheels just this past weekend.  M2 gave her Legos to M1 because she realized that she didn't really care for them.  All of the 'easy' puzzles have disappeared from the house (with the one exception of a Winnie the Pooh puzzle) along with most of the 'easy' books.  They wanted to retire all the Dr. Seuss books, but I put the kibosh on that.  Just because the kids are growing up doesn't mean Dr. Seuss will ever disappear.  Some things have to stay forever!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like M2 is just one of those types of people that others feel comfortable around, and she's probably very empathic herself.

That is a toughie, because empathic people do tend to take on everybody's else's pain and must learn how to shield themselves from it, while still being caring. But, with practice, she can do it. :)