Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dodging Bullets

Monday was lovely.  Truly lovely.  And then Monday and Tuesday got together and ganged up for what is truly one of the worst Valentine's Days I've had in... ever?  It wasn't pretty, though I did get a box of chocolates, a couple of cards, and a dozen beautiful roses to make me feel better.  Mostly I felt like all Oz and I have done for the past couple of days is dodge bullets and snatch sleep when we can.

Bullet #1:  Oz's stepfather is in the hospital.  He is not in good health.  Most of his issues are due to some very poor choices he has made in his own life, but I still dread the day when he passes and we have to tell the kids that Papa is gone.  He's supposed to see a nephrologist and possibly go home today, though.

Bullet #2:  Oz's grandmother had to go back to the hospital yesterday.  She was in the hospital all last week having biopsies done (see Bullet #3) and Oz only took her home on Sunday.  However, she was feeling very ill, so Oz took her to the doctor yesterday.  He drained some fluid, ran a few tests, then sent her to the ER.  There, she had a few more tests done, including a CT, before they decided to admit her.  I haven't heard anything yet today, but in my world, no news is good news.

Bullet #3:  Oz's grandmother's biopsies came back benign for cancer.  She's had cancer before, so we were all pretty concerned.  This is a big bullet to dodge.

Bullet #4:  Yesterday I caught M1 covering his left eye while he did his schoolwork.  I've seen him do this before, but usually when I ask him to uncover it, he claims he didn't know he was doing it and it doesn't happen again.  Yesterday he whined at me and promptly stuck his hand back over his eye.  So I asked him to close his right eye and look at me and tell me how many fingers I was holding up.  He couldn't tell me - he said there was "two sets of everything."  Not good.  I called the pediatric ophthalmologist, and apparently a kid seeing double out of one eye isn't considered a good thing, because I'll be darned if they didn't offer me an opening yesterday afternoon, which I declined.  They found us a time slot this morning.  I was honestly expecting to go in there and hear the word 'surgery.'  I really was.  I figured that the double vision was a symptom of M1's strabismus recurring, which isn't uncommon.  Turns out that it IS a symptom of recurrence, but since it's only in the one eye and not severe, the doctor just gave us a prescription for a pair of reading glasses for M1.  He says that when M1 looks at something far away, his strabismus is minimal - within the accepted range for kids who have had surgery.  However, when he's reading something close up, his left eye turns inward just enough more that it's out of the standard range, which means it can mess with his head... and when he looks up from reading, it takes a while for the 'normal' vision to come back.  We're not totally out of the surgical woods yet, but the doctor wants to see if he can make it to puberty before doing another surgery, since sometimes the sudden growth spurts can cause the vision to correct itself.  I'll take the glasses.  They sound good to me.

Bullet #5:  The weather.  I'm grateful for the snow day that we had, and I'm grateful that there wasn't a lot of ice.  Icy roads are nasty.

Bullet #6:  M2 has been very anti-practicing with her violin lately.  She's not inclined to try very hard when she does play, and she is inclined to have a meltdown at the drop of a hat if I dare to correct her while she's playing.  So last week her teacher suggested that she and M2 have a contest to see who could reach 20 days of practicing first.  The 'loser' of the contest had to buy the other an ice cream cone or drink from Sonic.  M2 was agreeable.  For 48 hours.  Then she decided not to practice.  Then she decided not to practice the following day.  By the time we had another lesson yesterday, she only had 4 stickers on her chart, one of which was her lesson and one of which was rather dubiously earned.  She was quite confident that she'd lost (and was completely undaunted by this).  Lo and behold, however, the teacher only had four stickers on her chart as well.  The game is still on.

In the grand scheme of things, most of these bullets are rather minor, I know.  I have plenty of friends who are dealing with much bigger issues.  But sometimes you just have to get it all out of your system, KWIM?

I'll be doing a school-year review in the next week or so.  It's been a while.  I might even dig out the camera and take photos!


Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

You dodge those bullets, girl! Sometimes it seems like Life is just waiting around the corner to sucker punch you when you think things are going well. I guess we should just be thankful for each non-catastrophic day and try not to worry too much.

Wendy L. Callahan said...

Oh wow! Just *hugs* to you and yours. Especially for M1 - the seeing-double thing would freak me out too. And more *hugs*!

Beth said...

Hang in there. It's apparently been an In Law In the hospital week with serious illnesses. Glad the boy *only* needs glasses right now though! I know you've been worried about his eyes for a while now (as in it's always in the back of your mind..)