Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I haven't taken a picture in forever.  I uploaded photos onto my computer today and realized that the last time my camera saw the light of day was Christmas.

That's a long time, folks!!  

However, there was a photo op yesterday that presented itself, and I simply couldn't resist:

That's right.  M1 got his new reading glasses.  I wanted to wait until I got home to take a picture of him, but when I saw him sitting in the back seat of the van reading, I couldn't resist.

He loves his new glasses; he uses them!  This is a big contrast to when he was 2 and we tried glasses and he spent 98% of his time looking OVER them instead of through them.  This is largely why he wound up having surgery... because the glasses were ineffective.

I can't quit grinning at him every time I see him with his glasses on.  I can't stop grinning because they make him look so different.  It reminds me so much of when he was teeny-tiny:

Two-year-old M1

I just can't help myself.  He's less than thrilled that I figured out how to scan, edit, and upload photos using our printer and my computer, but he'll live.  I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to show how much he's changed... and how much he hasn't!

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Beth said...

OMG he is SOOOOOO cute! Although the monocle would be SO great!