Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quelle Week

I'm channeling my inner Hepburn today.  I'm not the world's biggest "Breakfast at Tiffany's" fan, but I did like the movie and do enjoy the randomness of the word "quelle" that gets inserted throughout.

It's been a crazy week around here.  It started on Monday when the roofers arrived... and so did a massive cold virus.  M1 was the one struck (I suspect he picked up the germs from a boy on the swim team who came to practice with a similar cold last week), so he's been snot-ridden and germ-laden all week.  My resolution not to do any house-cleaning flew out the window as soon as the Kleenex started piling up.  The cold also killed my plans for getting out of the house with the boy while the roofers were working.  It's hard for a mom to drag a coughing, snotty, mildly asthmatic boy into Starbucks with a good conscience.

However, I think that M1 is on the mend.  He's still coughing, though not as much, and he's on antibiotics AND probiotics.  He nearly slept through the night last night, too.  This may have actually been detrimental to his brain function, though I'm not sure how, because this is the first day all week he's been unable to concentrate on his school work.  I'm going to take him to his swimming lesson but not let him stay for team since he's still struggling to breathe clearly.

The roof is done now, too, and Oz and I cleaned all the garbage out of the garage and shed while we had the dumpster on our premises. It was kind of awesome (in the truly awed sense of the word) how much crap we had to get rid of.  There were things like my parents' bicycles, tons of computer towers and speakers, all the old pool gear, etc.  We filled that sucker up.  We're going to keep working on the house, one thing at a time, and my fingers are crossed that we can list it by Spring Break.  We've already found the perfect house, but of course it's off the market.  It may be a rental property right now, though, and they may be de-listing it during the first few months of each lease.  That's my optimistic hope.  If not, I'm sure our perfect house is out there somewhere.  I'm just impatient.

I'm going to go to Zumba with a friend tonight.  This ought to be interesting.  I haven't been to a real gym EVER (Curves doesn't count), and I haven't been to Zumba, either.  I'm just hopeful that I don't fall on my butt.  I WILL be hiding in the back.

This weekend I'll be working M2's school trivia night.  There are promises of beer and margaritas while we're working, so I'm almost looking forward to it and am hopeful that I can somehow finagle the job of bartender.  I'd much rather do that than wait tables.  But we shall see.

Off to take the boy to swim.  Gotta change into real pants first.  I tend not to let everyone else see how I really dress at home. ;)  Have a great week, y'all!

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