Thursday, January 3, 2013

Du Liebst Mich!

Imagine my surprise when another blogger commented on my blog... and left me a little something:

Thanks, Treena!  I love finding out I have followers who enjoy my blog enough to share.

Of course, there are 'rules' that go along with this award, and I'll be passing it along to a few other bloggers myself (that's one of the rules, of course, to pass it on).  The rules state you're supposed to list 11 little-known facts about yourself, answer 11 questions that the awarding blogger asks, and leave a list of 11 questions for the bloggers you send the award to.  Oh, and the blogs who receive the award are supposed to be new OR have 200 or fewer followers... not too much of a problem for me, as I rarely gravitate to popular blogs.

I shall now fulfill these requirements to the best of my ability!

Eleven Little-Known/Random Facts About Me:
1.  I'm a lefty.  Lefties rule.  That is all :)
2.  I was born with a hole in my head.  No, seriously, it's true!  I have a small bald lump there now.
3.  I hate the smell of patchouli.
4.  I've only ever been to one rock concert in my whole life.  This spring, I will remedy that.
5.  I spent an entire year of my life being called, "Sarah, Plain and Tall."  I hated it and still can't look at that book without having flashbacks.  It is an excellent book, though.
6.  I played soccer for a few years as a child.  I was on the Yellow Team.  I still have my medals somewhere.
7.  I also took tap, ballet, and gymnastics for those same few years.  I can still do a roundoff, but I pay for it the next day.  Doing a pas de chat is much safer.
8.  I have never been able to do a pull-up/chin-up/whatever you call the damned things.
9.  My first car was a 1989 Ford Probe GT.  Red.  With sunroof and tinted windows and a 'turbo-charged' engine and a manual transmission.  And an oil leak.
10.  I chew Juicy Fruit gum... but only when I'm on an airplane.
11.  I hate mini-blinds.

Treena's Questions for Her Chosen Ones:

1.  What was the best thing that happened in your life in 2012?  Ahhh, so easy.  Moving.  I has space now.
2.  Favourite food?  That is honestly a difficult question for me.  I think the answer is 'yes,' but if that doesn't suffice, then my top three are probably beef stroganoff, chocolate, and coffee, though not necessarily in that order.
3.  What is your favourite hobby?  Reading.  And cooking/baking, if I'm in the right mood.
4.  What is one place you'd love to travel someday?  I am hopeful that sometime in the next few years, we'll finally make it to Australia and Oz can show me and the kids all the places he grew up.  I hate that we haven't ever gone, but I'm glad the kids will be old enough to remember it by the time we do go.
5.  Would you rather write things by hand or type them out?  I'll admit, I've long since fallen prey to the lure of the word processor.  I type far faster than I write, and it's just easier.
6.  What is one skill you have completely mastered?  Oh, lawsie, none of them.  Oh, wait.  Staying up till midnight.  I can do that one without thinking!  Seriously, I consider myself more of a jill-of-all-trades, master of none sort of person.  I'd like to change that, but it hasn't happened yet.
7.  One skill you'd love to learn?  I'm currently tackling German again, and I plan to plant an herb garden this spring so I can make some herbal remedies next time the cold season rolls around.
8.  Summer or winter?  Summer.  I completely abhor being cold.  People tell me, "But you can always add layers and you can't always remove them!"  How quaint.  Please find me a way to warm up my toes, fingers, and nose year-round without looking like a complete and utter stooge, and you win.  Until then, pththththththth. ;)
9.  One thing you really want to accomplish in 2013?  See #7.
10.  What was your favourite toy as a child?  Ahhhhhhh, another easy one.  My bicycle.  I disappeared for hours on that thing.  If only my mother had known I was gone...
11.  What is your most-cherished item in your home?  Why?  Hm.  That's another tough one.  I have many items that I cherish - photo albums, anything my children touch, my electric mattress pad, etc., but I think...

I think these are my most cherished item.  These hang in my laundry room just inside my garage door.  They belonged to my grandmother.  Some friends of hers did some traveling to India back in the day, and they brought back this set of elephant bells.  My grandmother always had them hanging on her back door, and when she moved into the retirement home a few months ago, I claimed them for my own.  Every time they jingle, I am reminded of her and my uncle and all the times we spent as a family at her house.

Now, 11 questions of my own for my victims... er... subsequent Liebster awardees...

1.  What is your middle name?
2.  Why do you blog?
3.  Do you have a hero, and if so, who?
4.  What dream are you currently pursuing?
5.  What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
6.  Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
7.  What's your biggest pet peeve?
8.  Would you ever consider plastic surgery for non-medical reasons?
9.  If you're an animal person, who is/was your favorite pet?
10.  What's your dream car?
11.  What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

I hereby award the Liebster to:

GnomeAttic - my sister's brand-spankin'-new blog

Between the Worlds - a beautiful blog by a wonderful Pagan lady

Beth's Quandaries - a blog by a personal friend about her life, kids, and pets

I Capture the Rowhouse - a homeschooling blog by a mom of two handsome young men

Wind and Rust Farm - another blog by a personal friend about urban farming and raising a boy

I'm aware that's far fewer than the 11 I'm supposed to assign, but I'll make you a deal.  I also choose any other six people who dare to put this award on their blog.  Just leave a comment that you're taking the award, and I'll come visit your blog... and probably follow it, too!

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farmwifetwo said...

Lefties do rule.
Played soccer including the travelling team.
Gymnastics was never pretty but I could hang off a bar for hours without moving.

Cold is worse than heat IMO. For whatever reason I can't regulate my body temp in the cold. It's either too cold or too hot in the house. But the A/C keeps the temp constant.

Why?? No idea. OK, I do know about hysteresis curves - all Engineers have to take electricity afterall - but if it's used to heat and cool why the temp regulation problem??