Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Great Days

They don't happen too often, but sometimes there are days when I just look at my kids and think, "Huh.  It really does go by too fast.  It really is true that if you blink, you miss it."

After all, I swear it was only a year or so ago that my son was a busy toddler who dismantled my house multiple times per day and my daughter was an infant who refused to do anything without Mama.  Love them then; love them now.

I dropped my son off for a Teen Night at the library tonight.  Yes, you read that right - I dropped. him. off.  I walked him in the door, made sure he was going to be in the room I thought he was going to be in, turned back around, and left.  Of course, the librarians know who M1 is, and I did tell him that if he wanted to come home early (which I doubted, but ya never know), all he had to do was let them know at the front desk that he needed to call his mom, but yes... I left.

Still, those are the moments when you think that giving a child a cell phone isn't such a stupid idea after all.

M2 had a good day, too.  She was cheerful and chipper, and when we were at swim, one of the school's founders came in and said hi and offered to get her a cookie.  M2 being M2, she declined in the most gracious way possible, saying, "No, thank you, but thanks for the offer."  That impressed him so much that he came back in just to say how wonderful it was that she has such manners.

They don't happen often, but sometimes there are days when I think that maybe, just maybe, I'm doing something right with these kids.  It's a good place.


Anonymous said...


I remember the first day I let my son walk to the Youth Center on his own last year. Then I spent 3 hours fretting that something bad might happen along that stretch of sidewalk between here and there. OK, I *still* fret a year later, even though he knows all the safety rules as far as strangers, and there's a Security Forces airman manning the gate at all times...

I hope M1 had a wonderful time and enjoyed his independence. One step of many, eh?

Oh, I love those moments when someone comes to tell me what nice manners my son has! What a lovely way to decline, M2!

farmwifetwo said...

No cellphones here until he can buy it himself and the cards to run it.