Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Babies and February

'Tis the season for babies, you know.  Thankfully the only babies around here are of the non-human variety.  I don't even want to think about what my life would be like with an infant.  I barely have time to breathe as it is; fitting a baby into the schedule (and the house, if I'm honest) is a horror story I'm not even going to consider.

Can you tell I'm all done having kids??  No regrets here.

Still, it's fun to see all the babies hatching and growing right now.

The mommy mollie has had two babies so far... that have survived.  They're both swimming happily around the tank with their friends...

... the baby guppies.  This is one of two infants, but we have three 'adolescent' guppy babies as well.  Two of those are male, and one is female.  We don't know which gender the infants are yet.  I'm kind of excited to find out.

My plants are, by and large, growing rapidly as well.  I'm going to have to spend some time this weekend cleaning out the garden patches and getting them ready, as these guys should be ready to thin and transfer to bigger containers sometime in the next week or two, and they'll be ready to put in the garden in about a month, I think, if the weather stays warm like it has been and I can get them hardened off properly.  That's always the part I struggle with the most.

When I was outside the other day, I took my camera with me.  It's too early for tadpoles yet, but I wanted a few pictures of the creek, just for fun.  After all, if we have another summer like the last two years, seeing water in it may be a rarity.

Also... I like birch trees.  They're fun.

Who can believe it's February already?  Anyone else wondering what on earth to do for Valentine's Day?


farmwifetwo said...

In a mth? I wouldn't dare plant anything before Victoria Day. I can plant potatoes, carrots, lettuce and a few other veggies after Easter if the frost is out of the ground, it's dry ( not likely) and the killing frosts are done.

Sarah said...

Technically our frost date is in early April, but if things stay warm, I won't have a problem planting in March.

Anonymous said...

Babies, schmabies! You're right: the other kind is better. One thing I'm going to miss about England are all the baby lambs! They're so adorable.

I've got Valentine's Day figured out. Woo hoo!

What I need is a "Get Her Quickly!" dance for spring. ;)

Kim said...

Valentine's Day? Egads...why do these things always creep up on me unaware?!?!?!