Friday, March 22, 2013

The Curse of Snow

I love snow.  I hate winter, and I hate cold, but I really do enjoy a good snow, largely because it gives me an excuse to hole up in the house and it makes everything look pretty while it lasts.  Last year we didn't really see snow, and we haven't seen much of it this year, either (those of you in Canada who, at this point, may never unearth yourselves, have my sympathy, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't love snow nearly as much if I had to deal with it as much as you have/do).

M2's birthday is coming up, and I have long promised her a sleepover for her 8th birthday, since M1 had a couple friends camp out in the back yard with him when he turned 8.  She's been excited and planning for months - more specifically, since right after she turned 7, though she's only become really manic about it since January.

Now, there's something you should know about M2's birthday parties.  They're memorable.

Three years ago, when she turned 5, we held a birthday party.  It snowed.

Two years ago, when she turned 6, we held a birthday party.  It snowed.

Last year, I told her no party.  No snow.

This year, given the lack of wintry precipitation we've had, I suspected we'd be safe.  So I scheduled the party for this weekend.

Guess what the forecast says?

Now, we're not expected to have any accumulation, but still.  It's March twenty-freaking-third already!  I would really, really like to host one birthday party for her where we can send the kids outside and let them run riot rather than keeping them indoors.

C'mon, Spring!  Act like it!

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