Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I Ponder

My brain has been working overtime lately, but not in a good way.  It's thinking.

My brain should not be allowed to think, particularly if the time of day has "a.m." in it anywhere.

Have I mentioned I'm not particularly coherent until the coffee kicks in about 10:30 or so?

I like coffee.


Let me overshare with you now some of the things my brain has been coming up with:

1.  Facebook likes cookies.  In fact, when I say 'Happy birthday' to anyone on Facebook, it often suggests that I send them a cookie.  A $5 cookie.  A $5 COOKIE???  And why would I send someone a cookie that's probably going to be stale by the time it reaches them?  I can just picture a random friend opening her front door sometime next week and opening a box containing a single cookie.  "What's this?" she'd want to know.  "Is it poisoned?  Where did this come from?  And why is it a week old?"  And that's assuming the cookie is still intact and hasn't crumbled in transit, in which case she'll open the box and find a bunch of crumbs and white powder.  Then she'll freak out and call the cops, who will notify state authorities, who will probably notify federal authorities, and then I'll get arrested for sending threatening cookies through the mail.  Facebook shouldn't offer cookies.

2.  Oz is trying to talk me into taking a photography class sometime this spring.  I even did some research and found a beginning digital photography class that's available on a night that I could actually go, but then I looked at the details of the class and saw that nobody else had registered.  And then I couldn't do it.  I'm a lemming.  Someone else has to jump first.  Maybe I'll do yoga instead.  Except then everyone else will already know what they're doing and I won't know.  I won't jump last, either.  Maybe I'll just sit at home and huddle up under a blanket and rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....  That sounds cozy.

3.  We've renamed a cat formerly known as Dorian Gray.  His name is now Oscar Wilde.  It suits him better, for many reasons.  The biggest problem with renaming him is that now we can't call him Dowy Gwai.  Oskee doesn't have the same ring to it.

4.  We run through far too much chili pepper and cumin in this house.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I think in the last three months we've used two entire containers of each.  I can't even tell you what we used it all in, because I've only made chili twice and burritos once.

5.  I'm thinking about vacuuming the dog to see if it'll help the shedding problem.  I suspect I will only succeed in A) scaring the dog and B) clogging the vacuum.  Still, it would be at least a useful experiment, as probably 80% of all fur picked up by the vacuum currently has come off of the dog.  Don't get a Corgi if you aren't a big fan of fur tumbleweeds.  If I never vacuumed or brushed the dog, I suspect my house would look something like this:

Tribbles + fur + tumbleweeds

6.  Dust is sparkly when it floats in the sunshine.  If only it stayed sparkly after it landed.  Then my house would look like Edward Cullen lived in it, and I could advertise for Twilight fans to come take home samples of their favorite vampire.  I'd never have to clean again.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute, especially "Oskee" and the sparkly dust. I feel the same way about dust - so pretty as the motes dance in the sunlight!

Today I'm pondering how crazy I was to have a baby this year. ;)