Saturday, August 3, 2013

Homemade History, Week 3

I didn't have any pictures to share this week, for which I apologize.  There just wasn't anything particularly camera-worthy to share, but the kids learned a lot!

Week 3 Topic:  Aborigines and Pacific Islanders

Monday:  Reading and notes from the Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World (pp. 138-144) or the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (pp. 88-89).  The kids both desperately want to find and try breadfruit.

Tuesday:  We poked around on the Internet and read several myths from Australia and Polynesia.  The kids love listening to different myths, and they always like it when they just get to lay on the floor and listen.

Wednesday:  We looked up words (aborigine, sacred, migrate, and domesticate), and the kids each wrote a short story - sort of a free-written paragraph - where they imagined themselves as Polynesian explorers.  M1 included monkey as well as fish and plants in his imaginary diet, and M2 focused quite a bit on family structure.  They both played off one another to develop ideas, which I liked, and I answered questions when I could.

Thursday:  We took the day to let the kids read books about their selected writing topics and write a few notes.

Friday:  Project day was low-key as well.  We ate sweet potato chips, looked up Southern hemisphere constellations, and watched a few videos about how the Polynesians used wave patterns and stars to navigate extremely long distances across the ocean.  M1 contemplated doing some mystery pages about Easter Island, but we decided to call it a day instead.  We were headed to a friend's house, and the kids were eager to get on the way.  Fine by me.

Next week:  The Ancient Americas


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