Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh, the Flexibility

(This is one of those days where I feel invisible.)

(You should probably ignore everything I say here.)

(Assuming you even see it.)

(Self-pitying moment over.  Carry on.)

One of the things that homeschoolers always brag about when we're touting our family's educational choice is flexibility.  We take breaks at random times throughout the year.  We go to the zoo or the park on those glorious fall and spring days and silently gloat that our kids aren't stuck behind desks (like most of us were when we were young...).  We reevaluate our curriculum choices and project ideas on a regular basis, throwing out the stuff that no longer works and changing things up as needed.

Most noticeably, we plan events for the middle of the week.

M2 and one of her friends haven't seen much of one another over this summer.  We've been busy, they've been crazy-busy and out of town a lot, and it just hasn't happened.  So last Friday when we finally decided it was the day to do or die and I crashed her house in the early afternoon hours, we weren't entirely surprised when the girls came down to lobby for a sleepover that evening.  Unfortunately, M2's friend had forgotten that her family's Saturday plans included a trip to her grandparents' house sometime in the morning, but the mom and I put our calendars together and determined that this Thursday would be a good day to let the girls have a sleepover.

Yes, Thursday.  Yes, that is a 'school night.'  And when M1 heard that M2 wasn't going to be home due to a sleepover, he instantly asked if he could have a couple of friends spend the night.  To which I said, why not??  Before long, the public schools will be back in session and sleepovers will largely fall by the wayside... they will definitely be available only on weekends.  There's not a chance in Hades that I could have gotten away with a sleepover on a school night before I was 17 and had a really bad case of Senioritis.  But this is why I have them home, yes?

However, I know that neither child is going to be functional on Friday.  So I asked them what they wanted to do about Friday's school work - sprinkle it throughout this week, do it Saturday, or just ignore it altogether?  I only asked because I know they like doing their Friday history projects and both have been excited about the writing work we've been doing.  I honestly figured they would tell me to skip it all without a second thought.  It amused me when they opted to redistribute the work so they could still do their projects and logic workbooks... and math.  Who knew math was appealing?  But it's cool.  I'm willing to work extra things in if that's what they so desire.

After all, I'm flexible.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like the flexibility too. Sick? Take the day off. No need to give me a doctor's note. Tired? Heck, so am I. Let's watch a movie and call it a day.

My son wants to attend public school now, and I'm fine with that. But all that freedom and flexibility? Right out the window! (Thank goodness I've got #2 to homeschool...) ;)

Mom on the Verge said...

So jealous that yours are so excited about school! Such fun!