Friday, December 13, 2013

A Few Days' Perspective

I've had a few days to go over all the new information that I have received, and I'm reaching a place where I'm okay with most of it.

I heard from the sewing teacher, and she and I have worked out details for sewing classes.  Boo will get to take them after all.  I'm not at liberty to discuss them at length yet, for various reasons, but suffice it to say lessons are happening.  Doodlebug will get signed up for tae kwon do, and he'll have regular therapy appointments as well as a new monthly social skills group that we attended for the first time this week.  We'll also keep going to our weekly homeschool group meetings as often as we can - I'll admit, I've been horrible about attending lately, but the holiday season has a way of devouring any open time without advance notice.  Today, for example, I had hoped to go, but the vet appointment I had booked for this morning had to be moved to the afternoon due to a funeral the vet had to attend, and there went that timeslot!

Oz booked our Australia trip the other day.  We're waiting on passports, and then I have to start worrying about logistics - do we have enough suitcases, what sort of rental car do we get, who is going to house-sit for us while we're gone, all those sorts of things that I've never really had to consider because we've never taken a trip of this length EVER.  Any been-there, done-that stories to share about long trips and/or long flights with kids?  I'm going to need help with this one.

Boo is still set on public school.  Sometime after the holidays I'll run up to the local elementary and get some of their third grade material and take a look at it to make sure she'll be able to keep up with her peers next year.  I'm still on the fence about Doodlebug.  I'm giving myself permission to have doubts until February.  Then we'll see where things stand.  Part of me thinks it would be good for him to go, and the other part still suspects it would be a nightmare.  I'm unsure.  I don't like being unsure.

The holiday has finally caught up with me as well.  I'd been doing very well and had been Grinch-free until two days ago.  Now I'm grumpy.  I no longer feel like baking cookies for Boo's violin recital.  I don't want to drive all over town for events I'm not feeling enthusiastic about.  I definitely don't feel like helping a girl 'solve the unknown' in math when all she wants to do is argue with me that 27 feet is the same as 24 yards.  And no, manipulatives don't help.  She pulled those out and came up with 27 feet = 0 yards.  I don't even know where to begin.  I'm tired of the boy trying to do sign language to her to give her the answers while his own math languishes unfinished on his desk.  Grr.

I need to keep moving, though.  Time and Christmas wait for no woman.  Off to the races!


Common Household Mom said...

Congrats on being able to go to Australia! I would love to go there, but I think my knees would give out on the plane trip.

I've been grumpy about Christmas chores since the beginning of December. "Christmas chores" should not even be words that appear next to each other.

farmwifetwo said...

If there is one thing I have learned in 14/12 yrs is that I've loss a lot of sleep for no reason at all. The kids adapt quickly and easily... it's us that have trouble. NOW... saying that... school has had it's moments and Mama has had to make certain things went the way they should. Those things I don't count since the kids never knew about it.

Good luck with the trip. I've started debating taking the 12 yr old to Disney in a year or so. Just him and I. I refuse to take my eldest to Disney on a plane. The Strattera wouldn't control the behaviour and I prefer to use the lorazapam as emergency drug only (2 doses of 0.5mg in 3 yrs is all we've used) not "keep kid from panicking just to go on a trip". Besides he gets to go on trips to camp and with my parents that his bro never will.