Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Snow, Now Ice

We're dealing with ice here this weekend, a big change from the 70-degree weather we had earlier this week that actually had me sporting short sleeves.  Thankfully this storm isn't as bad as some others I've seen, but we still have some limbs down and trees snapped in two, including the pine tree that I used for my pretty snow picture.  Oz and I are both glad that we took out so many of the dead trees that littered our yard this year; some of them were quite close to the house and Boo's window.  

Anyway, because I'm a sucker for misery, I stepped out of the house in my boots and with my camera to snap a few ice photos from around the yard.  Even when the weather is miserable, it's beautiful.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy :)

I set out a separate tray of seed for the birds -
no starving birds in my yard!

There's the poor pine tree.
Also, the creek is still rapidly running! 

Sheila has some sinus congestion today...
Not sure if I'll post again before Christmas.  If I don't, Merry Christmas to All.  And for those of you who aren't celebrating, I hope you had a lovely Hanukkah and/or Happy Solstice!

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Common Household Mom said...

That is some SERIOUS ice! There is a sort of terrible beauty about an ice storm like that. I hope it warms up for you soon. Merry Christmas!