Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas at last!  We've been slowly gearing up all month, working through our annual Christmas chain.  The kids are big enough now, though, that sometimes they simply don't feel like doing what the chain says, and that's okay.  I know it's a tradition that will slip as they get older, but as long as they have fond memories, that's what matters.  One day, perhaps, they'll have a similar tradition with their own families.

Oz and I spent a little less than we usually do this year, but we actually got the kids more gifts.  There were simply no large purchases - no electronics, mostly.  

Santa landed… and the cats perform their traditional Stalking of the Gifts 
The kids instantly commented on the number of packages when they woke up.  They were not, however, daunted by the task of unwrapping it all.

If you look at the boy closely (i.e. by clicking on the photo to enlarge it), you might think he was grouchy or displeased.  I assure you he is not.  This is one of his favorite gifts, a Minecraft Creeper hoodie that zips all the way up over his face.  The face Doodlebug is giving us is what Oz and I call the SFG - shit-faced grin.  You'll see it plenty of times during this post.

One of Boo's favorite gifts held these pillows.  She had specifically asked for them so she can have a 'pretty bed.'  She wants to create a 'garden room,' and the pillows were integral to her scheme.

The kids spent their own allowance money on each other (and on Oz and I) this year.  Boo bought Doodlebug this telescoping campfire fork and a kit to make a catapult.  Doodlebug bought Boo a lotion/body care kit with Boo's favorite scent.

The girl got a new Oklahoma charm for her bracelet, and she initially gave a skeptical look to the hair chalk, but she's now sporting green and gold hair for the holiday, so I think I was right that she would like the idea of using her hair as a platform for art.

Lots of happy...

and even MORE happy out of the boy when he realized that he got the Khet game that he'd circled in every catalog we'd received since October.

The man, of course, was not left out of the happy gift-giving process (neither was I, but Oz was dressed and camera-presentable and I was very much NOT).  The kids bought their own gifts for him as well.  The mug in the photo above was Boo's gift to him - it has Oz's name engraved on it - and Doodlebug got him some of his favorite wool socks.

The best gift, however, came at the very end of the whole process.  The kids would kill me for posting this photo, but I don't care.

I'm just so glad they love each other.

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Common Household Mom said...

My daughter made that same face that your son is making when she was given a book about Doctor Who. Her face was accompanied by a high-pitched ear-piercing scream (of delight).

The picture at the end - yes, what a gift to see siblings like this.