Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter was a fun day for my kiddos. Every year since M1 has been old enough to hunt eggs, Easter has been a rainy day and the Easter Bunny has had to hide eggs indoors.

This year, though, it was a gorgeous morning - mid-50s, sunny, bright, not even muddy. So the Easter Bunny - and her friend - was able to hide the eggs outdoors. He was even able to leave a trail of "bunny poop" on the porch. "Bunny poop," in Easter Bunny lingo at our house, is small foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. He also leaves some in each child's room which they usually consume (be)for(e) breakfast.

M2 has a thing for bunny poop. Something about chocolate. She picked up the vast majority of what was on the front porch.

M1 went straight for the eggs. The Bunny leaves a note stating how many eggs are available. The kids are really good about dividing them equally, which is really sweet. They even divide the cash eggs equally.

I just really loved this shot.
And this one, where the kids are tallying up how many eggs they had and how many more they had to find.

But most of all, I love the one where they've got all their loot and are totally flaunting their highly individual personalities. Stage Girl is posing and Understated Boy is just wanting to show off the eggs.

I hope everyone else had a happy Easter, too!

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Marla said...

Love the bunny poop idea!