Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Someone tell me again...

...why I homeschool. Right now the boy is spinning in circles on the carpet and squawking and kicking the curtains because he doesn't want to do his math page that he's already failed once (and that I'm making him correct), because he refuses to acknowledge the importance of place value in solving addition problems. Last week, he loved addition and carrying. This week, he hates it. Oh, what a difference four days can make.

Now for the sales pitch.

FREE TO GOOD HOME: Asperger's boy - comes with anxiety, ADHD, sensory issues, dysgraphia, possible dyslexia, and oodles of attitude. Also has a tendency to pee in nightstand drawers and use his shirt... or arm... or hand... as a Kleenex. All sales final. Thanks for shopping.


And now, while I attempt to get the boy to pay attention to SOMETHING, back to your regularly scheduled program.


Jana said...

HUGS !!! I am sorry you are having a rough time.

You are homeschooling because all days aren't like this. The days when you see a light bulb come on, or their eyes open wide in amazement, or the look of pride when they figure something out, is still worth it.

Hang in there !

Queen Bee said...

Don't you just *love* days like this? =)

Habebi said...

Sorry it's a rough day hun! Sending lots of hugs your way!! Hope things improve.

Sarah said...

Thank you! I drove him to the park with pencil and paper, and somehow being outdoors made all the difference. He got it done right and was giggling by the end. If the weather stays decent like it's supposed to after tonight's storms, we may be having class outdoors for the foreseeable future!

dbmamaz said...

See, you're doing this because you can meet his needs. the school cannot. esp on a bad day.