Friday, April 30, 2010

Presenting Project... Poultry!

Meet our chicken coop!

It all started in the garage on a rainy Saturday (my birthday, no less) with some vague plans I printed from the good ol' Internetz. Oz and his brother(s), however, have well and truly outdone themselves in the actual making of the thing.

They worked so hard, from step 1 on, to make sure that this chicken coop would be the prettiest, sturdiest thing in the whole wide West, that I really feel that I owe them bigtime.

Well, mostly, as Oz told the owner of the horses that live in our pasture, "I'm only doing this ONCE."

But he's doing it very well. Everything from replacing the chain link on the gate with chicken wire...

... to the making of the coop itself. (The kids picked the paint color, by the way... I had no choice in that one).

He even worked out a system so that the windows can be opened or closed as needed!

This is the flip door to the nest boxes...

There are dividers in between the boxes now, but it'll be so handy to just reach in, get the eggs or clean out the boxes...

... and all the while our 'girls' will be able to roost happily in their home. The roosts have yet to be installed, and Oz is even going to cover the floor in linoleum for easy bleaching when deep cleaning time comes.

Even real shingles cover the roof! And check out how sturdy it is... his foot is standing on the nest box roof!

It's been hard work, and we won't recoup the costs for quite a while, but what a gorgeous home for our chickies. Thanks, babe, for all you've done!

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