Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let the gardening begin!

It's that time of year again. The time when I step outside and realize how pasty white I am and that it *may* be time to work on my summer tan. I don't tan on purpose, but I love it when I realize that if I take my watch off, the skin beneath is a lighter shade than the rest of me. Even if it does mean that technically I should purchase a whole new shade of foundation for my face for those off days that I wear make-up. My Avon lady can't make me do it!

It's also that time of year when usually storms crop up out of nowhere, but we really haven't had any of those yet this spring. Knock on wood. Repeatedly. Because having children appear in the middle of the night to sleep on top of me or, worse yet, eyeballing the radar on the TV with fearful eyes while asking if we have to go to the shelter isn't my cuppa tea.

However, on a great note and finally getting around to the point of this post (I do like to digress... did I mention that M1 is still growing and is eating as much as Oz these days? I may have a few ADHD symptoms meself), it's gardening season!

M1 got it kicked off by tearing up the soil in the entire garden. That much you already knew. I am still shocked that he did the whole thing.

Not that he stayed in one place and worked systematically.

He was kind of all over the place.

But he did do a great job.

The next day he talked Oz into taking him to Lowe's and purchasing 40-pound bags of mushroom compost and cow manure.

He also talked him into purchasing an aerator tool. I have no idea what exactly he'll use it for, but he has big plans apparently.

Oz talked him back into using a rake. It's probably a good thing and slightly less dangerous for us all.

This beautiful weather has been wonderful.

M2 hasn't been entirely left out of the gardening equation. She and I (and M1) got all these planted earlier this week as well. Except for the box on the left, which is a mix of herbs, they're all little cornflower plants that her Grandma gave her for Easter. When they get bigger, I'm going to transplant them into...

... the front garden. We also planted a few bulbs in here. I hope they'll come up, but even if they don't, the cornflowers should be enough, I think.

My order from Burpee should be in this week, and I'm taking a trip to the nursery tomorrow for the rest of the plants, so I should have my garden in by this coming weekend.

Huzzah for dirt under the fingernails!

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