Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'Tis the Season

Halloween is nigh!  The skinny black cat that scales my china cabinet like it's a fabric-covered couch (which it isn't) has informed me so.

The calendar has, too, but who pays attention to the calendar?  That would remind me that there are only 78 days till Christmas, and I don't need to know that.  It just adds to the mental pile of compost that is growing in my head.  I'm just hoping someday all this poo will become useful.

What I really need to know is that there are 25 days till Halloween and three days till my son's birthday.  That's the important stuff.

I love Halloween.  I love the pagan roots, I love the idea that there is a day when spirits can connect with loved ones (a la Dia de los Muertes), I love the origins of trick-or-treating in a revelry of triumph over the Devil before All Saints' Day... the whole shebang.  The best part is that nobody trick-or-treats at my house because we live in an area sans sidewalks, so I never have to worry about missing kids, and we can all go out together as a family.

And I *REALLY* love decorating.

It's kind of an obsession with me.  I have a ton of Halloween decor, but every year I feel the need to add something new.

So a month or so ago, I went to Yankee Candle* and spent entirely too much money on things like this.  Isn't it darling??

I also picked up the 'blood'-dripping candles to go with my black leaves and light-up jack-o-lanterns and ghostie.  The ghostie is M1's favorite decoration.  He thinks it's his.  I think he's wrong.  In LOLcat speak, I have informed him that all Halloweens are belong to me.  He simply raised an eyebrow.

I also may have a thing for candles.  The candy corn is real.  Oz hates that he is not allowed to touch it until after the holiday is over.  If I let him at it, he'd have it emptied every day or two, so I just let him get extra bags of candy corn while he waits for this to become available. 

This is one of my favorite displays this year.  One of three.  Honestly, this is the best year of Halloween decorating I've ever had.  I usually hang the fake blood on the window opposite this mirror in the dining room, but it didn't seem right to me.  So I put it on the mirror this year, topped it with the leaves, and then told M1 to go rummage through my makeup and find some red lipstick.  Unfortunately I had tossed my hooker lipstick in the trash when I was purging a few months ago, but I think this sufficed.  The kids are still trying to figure out what 'REDRUM' means.  I'm not telling.  When they're old enough to read "The Shining," then they can learn.  No sense scaring the pee out of them before it's necessary.

I love my front porch display this year, too.  The pumpkin lights you see at the bottom of the stairs extend almost all the way out to the driveway.  There are spiders that light up hanging on the wall, cling ghosts on the screen door (M2's favorite part of decorating), a broom by the door with a sign above it saying, "BEWARE!" and of course the tombstone.  Mr. Pumpkin up by the glider does light up, and the ghost on the left can be turned on for sound activation, at which time he flies across the porch.  Now all I need are a few *real* spiderwebs to crop up.  It'll happen.  It always does.  We get monster spider webs around here.

Last but definitely not least are my Department 56* figurines.  I was taken with them when I visited my friend Bridgette up in Indiana a couple years ago and bought my first house.  This year Oz and my mother have given me three more between them.  I'm in decorating heaven.  I can't wait to get a few more small items to flesh out the display.  Here's a sampling of what I have:

The 'Pumpkin Lane' sign was blank originally, but it already had a name on it
when I purchased it off of eBay.  I have no problems with that because I like it!

My first/original purchase.  A flickering light inside and bats that
spin around the top add tons of personality to this haunted house.
This piece has been discontinued, yet Oz found it for me. 
The roof glows green when the lights are turned on!

I love having a school.  Love the belfrey.

Hello, freak show!  The monster there is silhouetted beautifully
when the lights are on, and the kids love staring at all the monsters.
Happy Haunting, everyone!!

*Yankee Candle and Department 56 have never heard of me.  But if they hear of me now and want to send me free stuff, I'd be okay with that.

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Mom on the Verge said...

You have entirely too much creativity. I'm happy if I have costumes ready to go. This year I have my eye on making one of those barfing jack-o-lanterns. The Boy wants to make pac man and ghosts from small ones.