Friday, May 27, 2011

The Final

It's almost the end of the school year. I have been looking back at all that M1 and M2 have accomplished since last August, and I am literally blown away. M1's writing ability has especially impressed me. He has gone from being a writing-resistant child to being a writing-centered one. He loves to write.

As our final writing assignment, I asked him to write about his summer. Any summer he could imagine. The only catch is that he had to pretend it had already happened.

So, over the course of three days (one day for a rough draft, two days for editing and rewriting it), he has produced the following. I have kept all spelling, punctuation and grammar as written:

M1's Wormhole Experience

I went through the Azaz wormhole in summer 2011. Nobody went with me. The trip took 3,209 centuries.

I always wanted to fly in a spaceship. I started in 2011. I could do this because a spaceship mysteriously appeared in the yard addressed to me.

I climbed into the space ship. It flew into space all by itself, then I had to control it. I had a hard time keeping my pet monkey Jack quiet.

After 99 centuries, it began to get faster and faster. Then we were in the Azaz wormhole. It was a very good wormhole because it was so strong that we shot past the middle and out the other side. I saw nothing. In a day or two we reached earth. Then after one century I got in a better spaceship so fast that we reached the wormhole immediately. When we came out the other side. The spaceship slowed down. Then I went home. It was like nothing you ever exsperinced. That Nothing had hurt me was the amazing part. I was scared because I thought I was going to be wormhole dinner. I liked it because I saw earth in the future.

It was a good summer. I would like to do it again. My parents were very proud to have a son who saw the future. And when I got home I wrote about my travels so where is this book of travels? It is right here. you just finished reading it.

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Beth said...

That's the BEST STORY EVER!! :) I think it even beats the penguins that say EEEEK..