Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When Thoughts Go Random

If I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at creating some very random posts on this blog.  I even have a label for it.  In my world, random happens.

This Memorial Day weekend was fantabulous.  I couldn't have planned a better one if I'd tried.  The part that makes me smile today, though, wasn't the first ever family bike ride or the spousally-condoned shopping spree or the impromptu construction of a combination bench/picnic table.  Nope... it was M2 and her wandering thoughts.

Apparently her brain has skipped ahead a week and decided it's already out of school.  Ergo, nothing that comes out of her mouth is required to make sense.

Some of the more memorable quotes of the weekend:

[after naming a stuffed baby kangaroo Ava and deciding it's female]
Her:  "Do you want to hold him?"
Me:  "Didn't you say Ava was a girl?"
Her:  "I was using a very common voice.  Herrrrrr-m.  Her-m."

[she is inventing a game in the driveway that involves rocks and a stick]
Her:  "This game is called scuba diving.  It's a very express game.  I have to sevens and eights."
Me:  [pause]  "What?"
Her:  [looks at me impatiently] "I have to push these rocks around with the stick to win."
Me:  "Oh... right."

[after I hear two consecutive massive thuds emanating from her room post-bedtime]
Me:  "Are you jumping off your bed?"
Her:  "No.  I'm rolling off.  I'm rolling onto my squishy pad!"
Me:  "Squishy pad?"
Her:  "All my blankets on the floor because my bed is falling and I won't sleep in it."

She's slept on the floor the last two nights.  I'm not arguing, though.  She's at least sleeping in her room without a massive tantrum.  It's the little things, really.  Disjointed thoughts FTW!

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