Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winning... Classical Style

M2 had her state "achievement audition" today.  I know many of you wonderful readers are probably familiar with the process, but in case you're not, here's how it works:  The students first attend a regional or district audition.  They select a piece of music to play and perform it before a single judge, with accompaniment if necessary.  The judge gives ratings: I+, I, I-, II, III, or IV.  I+ is the highest rating; IV is the lowest.  The students also receive a critique sheet where the judge makes notes regarding areas that could be improved.  If the student receives a I- or higher rating at the regional/district level, he or she can then opt to go on to the state audition.  M2 received a I at her regional performance, and she did choose to go to state.

She had a rough morning at home, though she was okay at school.  She was fairly quiet on the ride to the audition, but by the time the judge ushered us into the audition room, she had worked herself into quite a state of panic - dry mouth, clinginess, etc.  I was glad I hadn't mentioned anything about awards.  Thankfully, the judge was amazing.  She settled M2 right down by asking her age.  Then she helped her get adjusted just right so that she could do her job as a judge properly, apologized for not being ready (which was impossible since I was bringing some of the paperwork with me and she couldn't have had it beforehand) and then asked M2 what she called "the most important question."

"Can you read cursive?"

M2 shook her head no.

"Well, then, would you like me to print on your sheet so that you can read it?"

M2 nodded.

And with a smile, we began.  M2 played well.  Afterward, the judge put M2 at ease again by praising her bright yellow dress and telling M2 that she had "made her day brighter" because the sun, which had been behind clouds all day, had broken through and shone through the skylight during M2's performance.  The judge also asked if M2 had intended to have her turquoise shoulder rest match some of the stitching on the dress.  M2 had found her smile by this point and said no. 

When we got the critique sheet, I couldn't help but grin.  M2 had received a 1+.  This accolade came with...

a trophy.  Shortly after this photo was taken, M2 kissed her prize.  We came home so she could be a jammie girl (we discussed going out to dinner, but she was ready to be home again, home again, jiggity jog), and she showed off her award.

She can't wait to share with her classmates on Monday - and even though time flies for me and I can remember her first picking up a violin two years ago like it was yesterday, I suppose that to her, waiting two days seems like forever!


Beth said...

Awww!! Yay Maggie!!!

Brilliant Creations said...

Congrats!! She looks so proud! I love the yellow dress, and her hair is just adorable. xo