Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scheduling Summer (and a question)

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Now, on to the real blog post...

Summer is looming large over here.  The kids have a half-day of school tomorrow - consisting of a math test and making slime at this house and school-wide games at M2's place of edumacashun - and then they are O-U-T.  I'd promised to take them swimming tomorrow afternoon, but since I don't have a new swimsuit yet and the "control panel" powers of the old one have worn off (and it has those little concrete-induced picks all over the bottom), we may wind up at the splash pad instead.  I think as long as the kids get to put on swimsuits and copious quantities of sunscreen, they'll be happy.

A month ago, if you had asked me what my summer looked like, I'd have said, "Busy!!"  And to some degree it is.  Weekends are full.  If it's not a birthday party, it's a family reunion.  If it's not a family reunion, it's the Fourth of July.  And so on and so forth.  To me, this seemed 'busy.'  But now I'm staring at the calendar thinking, "How did this seem busy??"  The kids have swimming lessons for a couple of weeks, sure... but they're less than an hour long and scheduled for first thing in the morning.  M1 has camp one week, but that just means it becomes my full-time job to keep M2 occupied!  I signed M2 up for a summer violin concert last night, but even that only means the concert and two, maybe three, rehearsals, and it'll mostly be review.  In other words, most weekdays are empty.

My schedule just opened up.

The problems with having an Aspie kid and an open schedule are large and very obnoxious.  These kids don't understand the phrase "open schedule."  The words, "It's summer... do whatever you want!" are a death sentence to parents... or at least some nearby piece of furniture.  If there isn't a plan for at least 3/4 of a day, they cease to function at a normal level and will gleefully dive off the deep end of happiness into a great pit of mischief. 

Because I value my sanity - what little I have left - and would like to get through the next eight weeks with my house and his limbs mostly intact, I must schedule summer.  Schedule summer.  One of the greatest contradictions known to kids... or stay-at-home parents, for that matter.  Summer is supposed to be about spontaneity, about showing up at the pool and staying till whenever, about grabbing sno cones on the go and waking up and deciding it's a pajama day with no forethought. 

It was a sad day when I realized that a spontaneous summer wasn't going to happen.  I almost stopped and lamented the loss of my son's childhood when I suddenly realized that this IS his childhood.  He's happy when he doesn't have to think about what to do each day.  When we were at the grocery store yesterday, he asked me in all seriousness if he was old enough to have a summer job, because he'd like to earn $50 a week and isn't worried about "missing summer" to work to get the cash.  All this bodes well for his working ethic as an adult.  It also settled my brain about the notion of having to plan out what we do each day.

And so, without further mental distress, I plunked on my couch and pondered what I want to do with the kids this summer.  I figure I'll realistically only be able to plan a week ahead at any given time, but hey... if it keeps my home and kid in one piece, I'll do anything.  Even if it means scheduling summer.


Brilliant Creations said...

I'm an obsessed schduler. I schedule everything. But, since the arrival of Little Man I have backed down and let go a little. It feels so good to have no plans. But, I think all kids do better with a schedule. week we are back to piano lessons and math 3x a week. We'll take the other 2 days off to do anything or nothing at all. Can't wait to get together!!

Beth said...

:) Yup we HAVE to have the next day scheduled. Down to each event. And while we have "down time" it's with them outside in their little kiddie pool (because mine are thankfully smaller than yours and will fit in one still). It's also why we are staying with out school year round. It adds a certain familiar structure. But the day before I look at the weather, talk with whomever and figure out the day THEN tell them the day plan. It's not a well thought out thing, but it worked so far..

Mom on the Verge said...

Last year, Monday was the pool, Tuesday was the library, Wednesday was the beach, Thursday was the grocery, and Friday was lunch out. Around that, we watched too much TV. ;)

We're still schooling, and may continue into summer.

Yes, the comments were doing the same to me, but today it's working. See? WHINING DOES WORK!!