Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh, Look! The end of the rope!

I have reached the end of my proverbial rope.  I e-mailed M2's psychiatrist today to ask the name of a good counselor who deals with mood disorders in young children.  He sent back a name (I love how prompt he is!), and I have called that office.  We have an appointment next Thursday.  I am looking forward to this.  I am looking forward to meeting someone who understands that the word 'stubborn' doesn't even begin to describe the bullheadedness.  I am thrilled that someone is going to have heard stories like mine before and will have suggestions on what to do.  I'm hopeful that I will have options when M2 flies off the deep end with rage or melts into deep dark despair.  The idea of recruiting another villager to raise my child is both exhilarating and relaxing.  The relief is bringing tears to my eyes.  M1 has asked if this means his sister won't be mad at him all the time any more. 

It's time.

We can't go on like this.

C'mon, Thursday!


Beth said...

YAY! Hopefully not only you, but she will find relief too. You know somewhere in her mind she KNOWS this isn't "normal". Good luck - let me know if you want me to watch the other while you take her.

Christy said... is on the way! I am so glad for you both! I hope it gets here quickly and goes well! If Beth is unavailable, M1 is always welcome here too!

Mom on the Verge said...

Good for you! Hang in there!