Monday, June 20, 2011

One Step Forward...

We're missing a chicken.  I suspect it jumped the fence and was caught by a dog, though that's only a theory.  Anyway, now we're down to 10.  I guess natural selection is one way of culling the herd before it happens deliberately next year, but yeesh.  I'm praying that the kids don't find remnants somewhere. 

M2 is in a mixed manic state, and I think both of us are about to come unhinged.  One minute she's bouncing off the walls and singing and dancing and repeating herself 20 times in 10 minutes... and the next she's begging for validation and telling me that she's not really my child and I don't love her and she should just go off and die somewhere.  I'm doing the best I can to work with her, but I'm not ashamed to admit that there's a glass of wine next to me right now.  M1 is trying to be patient with her, too, but he's also at his limit.  He gratefully escaped to his room today.

The lawn mower is on the fritz.  Oz thought that the blades were the problem, so he replaced them, but it's still shaking like crazy and making about twice as much noise as usual.  This is especially troublesome since apparently our back yard is infested with chiggers and hasn't had a proper mowing in more than two weeks thanks to our hectic travel schedule.


The good news:

M1 and M2 both started summer swimming lessons today.  M1 scored the swim team coach as his teacher.  He has had this man as a sub previously and just thinks he's the best, so he's thrilled to have him again as a real teacher.  I like him, too, and it'll be good for M1 to see how he likes working with a real coach if he's serious about joining the swim team next year.  M2 surprised me.  She was initially placed in advanced level 1 and was almost instantly moved up to advanced level 2.  She's extremely proud of herself, and I'm proud of her, too.

I made a roast chicken for dinner tonight, complete with veggies and rolls and cappuccino chunky chocolate frozen yogurt cones for dessert.  I successfully deboned the chicken after dinner was over, gave the wishbone to Oz and M1 (M2 wanted nothing to do with touching chicken bones and even insisted that I remove the meat from her drumstick before she'd eat it), and now have homemade stock simmering on the stove.  The best part is that it's flavored with herbs from the garden.

And speaking of the garden, now that I've put down the newspaper and straw around all the plants (thanks so much for the idea, Elisabeth!), it's growing great guns.  I pulled the first bush tomato off a plant tonight along with two yellow grape tomatoes.  Cucumbers are coming up like crazy, there are a few butternut squash already coming along, and there's a watermelon bigger than Oz's fist - huge compared to the half-dollar-size melon that I left on Thursday!

It's about to storm now, so I'm going to go cross-stitch while we have power and satellite reception.  Hope your weeks are going well!

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Habebi said...

NO surprise your kids are great swimmers!