Monday, June 6, 2011

The First Weekend of Summer

The first weekend of summer is a magical time.  The entire eight weeks (in our case) seems to stretch out forever, and it is with joy that I have realized that my children do, in fact, know how to sleep in.  This means I'm happy letting them stay up later to wear them out thoroughly.

This bench and table (and the bench from which I'm taking this photo) were a weekend project for Oz and M1 last week.  The backs of the benches actually flip up and convert to make half of a picnic table... put them together and get a whole table!  Amazing stuff.

Back to the first weekend of summer.  Yesterday was jam-packed with good stuff for the kids.  We took them and their art supplies to a park where they spent some time drawing (in M2's case) or creating leaf and bark rubbings (in M1's case) and running around before it got too blazing hot outside.  For lunch, we treated them - and ourselves - to Dave & Buster's and the glory of arcade games.  For dinner, we broke out the grill and ate hot dogs and potato salad and broccoli salad.  Did we stop there?  Oh, heavens no...

Oz broke out the sprinkler! 

(He also broke out his silly side.)

The kids loved running in the sprinkler without having to change into swimsuits.  They approached the water in their unique ways:

M2 refused to run through it.  She sat near it, backed up into it, played with it, but never did dash through the water like a lunatic.

She left that to her brother, who was fully capable of doing so.  He was thrilled to discover that he was too fast for my camera, even on the 'kids and pets' setting.

Once they got tired of the water, Oz lit a small fire and brought out dessert...

I don't think this is her first s'more, but I do think it's the first picture I have of her eating one.  Note the lovely stripe across her nose from where she did a full-on face plant into the ground.  She sprained her foot in the process, too, and has been limping around all day.

M1 was more philosophical about his s'more.  He knew that with dessert came the end of the day and potentially bedtime.

"Are you worn out yet?"  I asked him.

"Yeah," he nodded, "and I don't think I'll need melatonin tonight.  I'm going to go straight to sleep."

This one agreed.  And so they did, and M2 slept until almost 8 o'clock.  M1?  Well, when I woke him up at 10 (because I want him to sleep tonight), he was none too happy about it.

Oh, the glories of summer.

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Mom on the Verge said...

Oh, that's simply AWESOME. I miss the happiness that comes with summer in the mid-latitudes. Down here, summer is met with pure dread. ;)

I want to know where you got the directions for the bench/table thingie. It's brilliant!