Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprises - The Good Sort

I suppose it's only fair that when Mondays kick you - repeatedly - when you're down, the rest of the week feels sorry for you and treats you a little more kindly.  Now that I'm safely ensconced in Thursday, I say to Monday, "PTHTHTHTTHTHTH!!!"

I'm sure Monday will get its revenge next week, though maybe since it's Independence Day, I'll get a break.


Aaaaanyway.  This week has not been as horrible as it looked to be when it first began.  Thank heaven.  I wasn't entirely sure I was going to survive at first.

The Z-Pak that M1's pediatrician prescribed has actually helped his hives quite a bit.  He now generally looks like he has a weird case of chicken pox rather than the mumps, and he's stopped wheezing and complaining of stomach and chest pain.  The allergist's scheduler just called, and we have a tentative consult in early August, though they'll try to get us in sooner if there are cancellations.

M2's mood has vastly improved over last week.  Is she still having her difficult moments?  Sure, but she's 6.  It's what they do.  The great thing is that we're not having entire days where she's pouting or crying or screaming or hitting or destroying or simply refusing to move/cooperate/speak.  We visited the therapist for the first time today, too.  M2 and I both really like her.  She had already reviewed the file (a bonus of her being in the same building as M2's psychiatrist) and had some questions.  M2 didn't really want to talk other than to offer a couple of random anecdotes, but the office was set up beautifully so that M2 was still able to communicate by writing on a whiteboard or making drawings.  Our focus for now is going to be M2's anxiety, since she definitely has, at the very least, separation anxiety and the Lexapro EPIC FAIL proved that medication isn't an option to treat it... EVER.  We'll go weekly until school starts in early August, and then we'll see beyond that.  Our first assignment was to make 'mailboxes' for everyone because M2 agreed that even if she refused to talk to me, she could still write to me.  So now we all have envelopes taped to our doors and M2 has been enthusiastically filling them all afternoon.  I'm going to have to invest in several reams of paper before school starts, whether they're required on the school list or not.

M1 got a particularly special surprise today.  After we got done at swimming lessons, I had the kids go to the bathrooms to change their clothes before M2's appointment.  They had finished and we were headed to the van when the one of the teachers stopped me.  I knew him vaguely as the swim team coach, and he had been running the location where our lessons were being held.  He had been watching M1, he said, and had noticed that his backstroke was particularly good and his freestyle was solid, too.  He pointed out that the only things holding him back from level 5 were his backstroke, which he just learned this week, and the way he held his head during freestyle (he tends to try to flip onto his back rather than side-breathe).  I mentioned that M1 had been working hard since his aim was to eventually be on the swim team, and the guy grinned.

"You know I'm the coach, right?"

I nodded.  He grinned again.  "Well, I usually don't do this, but if the swim team is his goal and since he's such a strong swimmer, I do sometimes make exceptions.  If he continues to take lessons [we're already signed up] to work on his trouble spots, I'd be happy to let him try out for the swim team now."

I was stunned.  I hadn't even done research into what the swim team entailed other than the fact that you had to pass level 4 to join.  I figured I had another year before I had to really think about it.  I had the presence of mind to ask what the tryouts consisted of, when they were, about basic costs, practices, etc., and then the coach had another question for me.

"He's 11, right?"

"Um, no... he's actually only 8."

"YES!!!" the coach pumped his fist and grinned.  "I'm in desperate need of younger swimmers.  He'd be perfect."

So M1 gets to think about joining the swim team at the ripe old age of 8.  Practices are late at night, so I'm not sure he's ready yet, but we'll see.  He claims to want to be the next Michael Phelps... and, barring that, to be a lifeguard or swim teacher/coach himself.  I can't think this would hurt his chances, do you?

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