Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I Do Differently: A List

The following is a list of things that I have now done with/for my children that my parents did not.  This is not a judgment list, because I really, really try hard not to judge other parents, including my own.  I am not walking in their shoes.  This list is merely some observations that my children have made when comparing their childhood lifestyle to my stories of my own. 

Things Oz and I have done that my parents did not:

1.  Earned - and paid - fines at the library. 

2.  Fed my children foods from different cultures.  My dad is a meat-and-potatoes sort, and since both my folks grew up (and I lived until I was nine) in a small farming town, ingredients for something like bibimbap weren't exactly available.  It is delicious stuff, though, and I love hearing my kids ask for it.  Or colcannon.  Or spanikopita.

3.  Held some sort of annual party that wasn't for a birthday.  We enjoy our July 4th get-together.

4.  Sent a child to a private school/homeschooled.  My sister and I did attend good public schools, though.

5.  Seen friends on a regular basis.  Summers were seriously boring when I was young!  There was only so much I could take of my sister before snapping.  That's why I used to take off on my bike for hours on end.

6.  Hidden in a tornado shelter.  Yup... I'm a chicken.

7.  And speaking of chickens... I've owned them... along with many, many other animals.  We always had an animal growing up but not lots.  At one point I owned a hamster and my sister had a cat; when the hamster died, I got a dog.  So we had two animals.  That was the max.

8.  Let my kids cook - actually cook, not just lick the beaters.  They also do laundry and help clean the house.  It amazes my son that I didn't learn how to wield a kitchen knife until I was well into my teens.

9.  Taken the children to see a movie in the theater.  I think my family went to see a movie together twice... once when Oliver & Company first came out in 1988 (my mother seriously does not remember this and honestly thought the re-release was the premiere... only when my sister and I started singing the songs and discussing the toys we owned did she even acknowledge that we might have memories she doesn't) and once to see The Matrix.  To be fair, Oz and I don't take the kids to the theater often, but we have done it!

10.  Owned video games.

It will be interesting to see what my own kids' lists look like someday. :)


Unknown said...

Interesting list. I'm going to have to think on my own childhood and see what I can come up with.

Mom on the Verge said...

My mom was a great one for teaching us to take care of ourselves. (She was a career gal.) She taught us a whole lot more survival skills than my kids ever have. (I did hate karate, wood shop, and sanding down the car fenders.) She taught us to eat just about anything.

Maybe she's a better mom than I am. ;)