Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Light Reading

Well, it's not "tomorrow," but I'm finally getting around to this.  It's been a long week.  Let me start with some of the books that I started reading for M1 when I first learned he had Asperger's.  Ironically, I never worried about his ADHD and don't have a single book relating to that.  For some reason, I've never doubted my ability to raise a child with ADHD... it's the Asperger's that gets me.

This is to Asperger's syndrome what "The Bipolar Child" is to bipolar disorder.  It's an amazing resource, and it's as useful for adults with Asperger's as it is to parents of children with the disorder.  However, it wasn't very helpful for M1.  So I got a couple books for him:  First this one
 and more recently,

The first one is written by a boy with Asperger's.  M1 really enjoyed it and was thrilled to learn that there really are other kids out there who understand what he feels and what it's like to live with the way he thinks.  The second book is a workbook that he and I are working through together.  It helps both of us.  He gains insight into the way he reacts to the world, and I gain insight into ways to help him.  He can't wait to finish it and show it to all his relatives so they can help him when he gets frustrated.

That's all we have for his Asperger's, but since he's been struggling with his allergies this summer, I purchased the Kindle version of this book:

I'm not done reading it yet (I'm only reading it during swim sessions), but so far, it's been quite enlightening.  It's breaking down the biological aspects of allergies and asthma, what the short- and long-term effects are, and - once I get there - will discuss treatment.  I know there are a million different books on these subjects, but I chose this one because I wanted to start at the beginning... the hows and whys and understand what a treatment needs to do to get rid of the cause rather than just the symptoms. 

Oh, and just for good measure, one last book:

Because all kids need to have fun.  And some days, so do their mamas.

Enjoy your weekend... and stay cool!

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