Monday, July 25, 2011

I Shouldn't, But...

I'm gonna tell you what my kids have decided to be for Halloween.

I'll give you a few hints first.

They don't want to be zombies or devils or cheerleaders or video game characters. 

No animals. 

No movie characters.

No singers or mythical characters or anything inanimated (like a crayon or pumpkin).

No.  None of that.  None of this scary/cutesy business for my duo.

M1 wants to be a gangsta:

since he already has a silver hat and suit pants and a vest and tie and shirt and shoes.  All we'll have to get him is a jacket.  And maybe I'll even let him carry his fake gun.

M2 saw his costume idea and was inspired to be:

A flapper.

Darn skippy.  She wants the boa and cute shoes to go with it, too.

My Halloween just got a lot more interesting.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh my! It will be like "Chicago" or "Guys and Dolls" at your house this Halloween. :) Too cute!