Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Stops Here

The children start school on Wednesday.  I will be filling out lesson plans in M1's day planner shortly after finishing this blog post.  M2 and I get to go to orientation night at the school tomorrow.  On Tuesday I'll be running around shopping for school supplies for both kids and trying to make sure everyone gets to bed on time (M1's swim team practice is skipping a week between the end of summer and the start of the fall session, so he won't have that to keep him up late). 

It's frustrating that summer break is over so quickly because despite the daily extreme heat (the highs this week are still supposed to be over 100, and there's no end in the foreseeable future), it's been pretty good!  We got to go swimming a lot more this year and kept pretty busy with activities, crafts, projects, seeing friends, and running all the typical errands that happen when you're maintaining a household. 

M2 read "Charlotte's Web" and now heads to the youth section of the library instead of the kids' section.  She still likes picture books, but only when she wants what she and M1 deem "brain candy." 

M1 built robots and got a self-motivated head start on the chemistry we'll be studying this year. 

They've made fizzy drinks, bouncy balls, batches of slime, dinners, desserts (last night M1 made an Andes mint chocolate sauce to go over ice cream), crystals, genie bottles, Lego creations, pillow and blanket forts, and costumes out of old clothes donated by Oz and I. 

They've helped with the garden, the chickens, the horses, the cats, the dogs, and a friend's rat.

We've stayed up late, watched movies, had our annual July Fourth bash, danced in the rare burst of rain, picked flowers, and wandered down to check the blackberries that never did materialize this year.

When you look at all that, eight weeks really isn't long enough!  I'll be happy to get the kids back into a regular schedule (and they're happy about it, too), but I hate giving up the freedom of summer.

Then again, when fall arrives with cooler temperatures, I'll be here with bells on and a tent waiting!  The kids can't wait till they can camp in the back yard again.

I guess there's always something to look forward to after all :)  Happy Upcoming School Year, everyone!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Our public schools don't start until the 22nd. The Husband doesn't start teaching University until the 29th, so we're using that as an excuse to do the same. ;)

I can't wait to do something besides tell the kids to turn the TV off! Bring it on!!