Monday, August 1, 2011

It Is August

It is August.  In Oklahoma.  If you live here, I don't need to remind you how #$&%(!*# hot it is.  You're painfully aware of how high your electric bill is going to be and how little outdoor work/play/anything you've done in the past two months since Satan rose up and made Oklahoma and parts of Texas his toasty little corner of the world.

If you don't live here, let me share the forecast with you:

And that's without heat index. 

Ugly.  That's what it is.  Just plain ugly.  When you can't even go outside in the middle of the night and draw a comfortable breath... well, like I said, nothing outdoorsy happens.

This means the kids have gotten extremely creative lately because I told them if I heard them bickering at one another ONE MORE TIME that they'd have to go outside and ride their bikes for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.

I'm mean.

So one day M2 decided she wanted to make a genie bottle, and M1 jumped straight onto that bandwagon.  They dug around in the recycle bins till they found the bottles they wanted, washed them out, found a random bag of corks that was living in a cabinet (I honestly do not remember why I bought them or when I put them there, but they were very handy all of a sudden!), and decorated their bottles.

M1 wanted his genie bottle to grant unlimited wishes and have an "old-fashioned" look to it.

M2 went a little more for the "I Dream of Jeannie" sort of effect.  Lots of colors, and of course her genie was a girl.  M1 insisted that she had to have SOMETHING to make it look old; hence, the twine bow.

Then I found myself sucked into the vortex called Pinterest.  I never thought I'd actually get around to doing any of the projects I found on there, but then I remembered I had a couple of white pillowcases stashed in the hall closet for a tie-dye project that hadn't happened.  M1's tie-dye pillowcase had a giant hole in it after being brought to camp for two years, and M2 didn't have one, which was of course a sore spot for her.

So I hauled them out, went to the store for a stash of Sharpie markers (who doesn't love a good Sharpie?  Also, dry erase markers don't work for this project... I tried), and then asked M1 if he had any spare pipettes we could use.

He did.

First you make a small circle of dots in various colors of Sharpie...

Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the middle of the circle...

and voila!  A tie-dye effect, but with WAY more colors!  Best of all, nobody's hands get stained in the process. 

M2 had a lot of fun with her pillowcase - she made sure she used every single color of Sharpie we had.

M1 discovered the idea of making patterns in bulk. 

After these dried, which was remarkably quick, I flipped them over so the kids could decorate the other side.  I did have cardboard inside the pillowcases so the color wouldn't bleed.  I ironed them to set the color (and washed them separately juuuuust in case), and now the kids can't wait to go to Grandma's again so they can take their new pillowcases.

I won't say I'm enjoying the heat, but it's sure been nice to have projects to do while waiting for fall.

If it ever comes!

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Toni said...

Love this pillowcase project! Definitely a reason for a Sharpie shopping trip. :)