Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, I was *going* to publish a lovely video of my son's latest robotic creation, but the photo card and the printer and the network are conspiring against me and my computer.  They refuse to let me copy the file so I can edit and upload it. 

SO, in order to show them who's boss around here, I'm writing a blog post about something completely different:  M1 and his allergy testing results.

THE GOOD NEWS:  He is allergic to precisely four things, two of which are fairly minor allergies to seasonal molds... nothing that we can't avoid or tolerate.

THE BAD NEWS:  The other two things he's allergic to are species of dust mites, and those allergies are, in clinical terms, "severe."  He reacted more strongly to either dust mite allergen than he did to a straight dose of histamine (the thing that makes your body allergic to anything).  The doctor said that she'd rank his allergic reaction to dust mites as a 4+/5... and she doesn't give 5s.

So now Oz and M1 and I get to decide what to do.  We could go the immunotherapy route, which we're considering.  M1 doesn't want to get a shot in his arm every week, which I can understand, so I'm leaving that one up to him.  Oz and I, of course, get to discuss the tougher decisions like A: ripping out all the carpet in our nearly-50-year-old house (ain't gonna happen because... well, see option B) or B: buying a house that doesn't have carpet and has two bathrooms and a fireplace and an office and a specific area to homeschool (also not going to happen, as much as I'd like it to).  My vacuum cleaner is on its last legs, so my Christmas present this year is likely to be a Dyson Animal that I'll use perhaps a little more regularly than I've been using its Bissell predecessor that currently sounds like a lion with 'roid rage. 

All in all, though, the results were a lot better than I expected.  M1 and I were extremely glad that none of our pets made the list, and the doctor and I were both surprised that he didn't show any reactions to outdoor allergens.  For now, we just keep doing what we've been doing and head back in six months for an asthma followup.

Assuming I can get technology to agree with me, there will be a video tomorrow - stay tuned!


Beth said...

Gotta say, getting rid of the carpet here has improved T2's overall allergies and headaches 85%. A house without the carpet (by either route) would probably benefit him the most in the long run. It was a multi-year decision for us (we started pondering it when he was 2-1/2) and a GIANT pain to keep them all clean, BUT his over all health is better in the last 6 months than it has been his entire previous 4 -1/2.

Mom on the Verge said...

Glad to know the pets can stay. Oh, and the sister. ;)

Joan said...

And imagine what gorgeous wood there probably is under the carpet. I have mostly hard floors, and I have to sweep every day, and I imagine how my carpet would be with all that dust in it that I couldn't see.
Hard floors are nice, except to my bare feet, ha ha.

Sarah said...

Oh, it's so true. The wood floor IS really nice. I just don't want to rip out everything because it's a pain in the backside... and there was a floor heater at one point so some of the wood would have to be replaced and then the whole thing would have to be refinished. La. I give up. Who wants a house?